21 February

Is Your Website Responsive?

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Website development doesn’t stop when a site goes live. As technology advances, there are new things to consider. Responsive web design has been the topic of conversation for the last few years and looks to be the next standard for online marketing. With increasing numbers of people getting smartphones, mobile web searches have risen dramatically – and people are expecting quality mobile content and a usability like that of computers.

So, what is responsive web design?

A responsive website is one that is the same across all devices, enabling a web searcher to get the same information on a tablet or smartphone as he would on a desktop computer. So instead of a single webpage that simply centers itself on the screen, responsive webpages are comprised of elements that move and adjust to fit the screen size on which it’s being viewed.

The viewing experience changes without the loss of information.

What Responsive Web Design Means for SEO

SEO is a process of increasing a site’s visibility. As a search engine, Google wants to return the best results for a searcher’s query. When users click on a site but quickly navigate back to Google search results, Google notes that site may not have been a good choice for the given the search terms. With responsive design, a website could see great benefits from mobile searches.

Bounce Rate. Not having a mobile-optimized site or having one that frustrates users will likely cause them to (quickly) navigate away from a site. This higher bounce rate lowers site rank. However, a responsive site is more likely to keep users on it and have them return in the future because it loads quickly, is readable, and has the needed content.

Ranking. Mobile-optimized sites are ranked higher in mobile searches than those that are not. Some sites have a mobile site that is separate from the main one, and a responsively designed site will rank just as well as those created specifically for mobile.

Linking. With responsive design, the PC and mobile versions of a site are one in the same. Therefore, backlinks to a main site are a link to its mobile site as well.

Building a single responsive site can take time, but ultimately it will reduce time spent on web maintenance and content creation since there is no separate mobile version. More importantly, responsive design makes a site more accessible to users no matter which device they’re using and increase visibility.

At NADA GLOBAL we take pride in building websites that are not only custom in design but also in tune with the latest technology. Visit our work to see our latest responsive sites.