30 June

The NFL, Logos, and Branding


NFL brand logo ball

If you’ve been following NADA on Facebook (and if you haven’t, go on over and like our page!), then you know about the recently launched Fantasy Suite app. While it will eventually be able to help users control all their fantasy teams across major fantasy sports, our current focus is fantasy football. So as we’ve been reading up on all things football, news came across our screens this month that interested us as marketers.

The NFL is a powerful, widely-recognized brand, especially in the U.S., which is why it was quite interesting to read of the NFL’s decision to alter one aspect of its Super Bowl logo. Instead of Roman numerals, in 2016 it will sport standard Arabic numerals. Why ditch the iconic Roman numerals we’ve come to associate with one of the largest sporting events? That year sees the 50th Super Bowl take place, and the Roman numeral for 50 is a single “L.” In considering the design possibilities, the league’s VP of brand and creative Jaime Westin said it wasn’t working out graphically, adding the Roman numerals return in 2017.

Branding Begins with a Logo

Today branding is an important part of marketing. Brand is not just about a name, logo or symbol. Yes, color, shape, and size all factor into a good logo and brand design, but branding is about the combination and the feelings it all evokes from consumers. The sum should be greater than its parts. A logo should be recognizable with or without the company name beside it. (Think Apple’s logo of a simple apple silhouette missing a single bite or the Nike “swoosh.”)

The NFL’s use of Roman numerals for the Super Bowl logo began in 1971 with Super Bowl V. Roman numerals evoke a sense of history – and history being made, which is perfect for such a visible, aggressive arena sport. Unlike that of the NFL logo or traditional logos, the Super Bowl logo was fluid. Each year saw a redesign; the look changed but the Roman numerals remained. However, in 2010 a standardized look was created by adding the Lombardi Trophy above the classic Roman numerals.

During a process that began in April 2013 and eliminated the graphically unappealing “L,” over 70 versions of the national Super Bowl 50 logo were created. The “50” will be gold-colored representing both the event’s golden anniversary and location – the Golden State of California. This highlights the process of logo design and branding. It can be a long but necessary process because the reality is that no matter the project the first version is not usually the only consideration or the final selection. A logo should be a reflection of the company it represents, and Westin, her team, and the NFL feel that the Super Bowl 50 logo does make a powerful statement for the NFL brand.

Orange County Branding and Logo Design with NADA GLOBAL

Branding – or rebranding – begins with a name then logo whether you’re a small Orange County business or national corporation. Unlike Super Bowl logos, it’s a relatively static image for most companies, and the importance of it as well as its development cannot be stressed enough. NADA GLOBAL has helped many clients — from Orange County — to the East Coast with branding and logo design. Along with the company name, we consider its product or service, colors, shapes, size, typeface, and placement in designing or redesigning a logo. We consider how it will look on a website, business cards, promotional items, and print work – anywhere a logo should be placed. Helping clients with branding and logos is incredibly rewarding. NADA GLOBAL designers work hard to create not just a good logo but a great one, one that excites clients and speaks to their audience.

Ok, so now who’s looking forward to the start of NFL and fantasy football?!