29 July

Custom WordPress Websites

Having an online presence is nearly mandatory for any business. Don’t think so? Search engines like Google have become today’s version of the Yellow Pages, which – by the way – also has a website. People search online for everything from medical information to where to go for their next meal. Being online means being accessible: customers can find your business when they need to plus get the information they need.

Considering the importance of having a website and providing information, then just as important is a website’s appearance. It’s a company’s virtual storefront and might be the first thing people see of a business. It should make an impression while also reflecting your company.

The Power of WordPress

Building a website has gotten easier. Technology and software have advanced so that coding expertise isn’t necessary. You don’t need to be a professional developer; however, the more knowledge one has about web design and development the more powerful a site becomes. Templates are a great start, but customization will separate you from competitors, impress visitors, and give you the ability to meet customer’s needs.

One tool that’s empowered people is WordPress. Since its introduction in 2003, it’s become the go-to platform for self-hosted blogging and now for building custom websites. Part of what makes WordPress a great tool is that it’s Open Source; hundreds of people worldwide contribute to the WordPress software to make it, well, better – more flexible, user-friendly, and dynamic with pre-built themes, widgets, and plug-ins. (Read more here or here.)

Not yet convinced? WordPress powers the blogs and sites of some companies, organizations, musicians, and entertainers you may have heard of:

  • The New York Times Company
  • Time, Inc.
  • AWOLNATION (band)
  • LinkedIn blog
  • Georgia State University

That’s just to name a few.

But let’s be honest with ourselves: who has time to build their own website? WordPress is definitely user-friendly, but it still takes time to create a website to be proud of. Plus, you have a business to run, so outsourcing the job can often be the best move.

The Answer to Your Orange County Custom Web Development Needs

NADA GLOBAL has been helping small and large companies build their brands and business in Orange County and beyond through website design and development, and we’ve been able to do that using WordPress. We work with professional designers who understand the elements of website design and developers who have in-depth knowledge of both coding and WordPress. We take WordPress’s customizable platform to a new level making it work for each client’s needs – all with the right aesthetic that reflects who you are a company. We’ve built customized shopping carts and donation pages, integrated blogs and newsletters, and developed sites that are modern and responsive. If you have a unique request, we work to find a solution.

WordPress is continually progressing and updating with new design and technical features, but don’t let that worry you. Blogs and sites running on its platform are incredibly user friendly. NADA GLOBAL shows clients how to be administrators of their own sites, which means understanding how to edit content, add new webpages, upload photos, and post new blog articles.

A custom WordPress website can empower your business and take to the next level. Contact NADA GLOBAL today to discuss your Orange County web design and development needs and how our team can help.


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