18 November

Do You Need an SEO Expert?


In 2012, ecommerce in the U.S. generated $231 billion in retail sales and is expected to have an annualized growth rate of 13% to hit $370 billion by the year 2017. This will account for 10% of all retail sales in U.S. With this kind of growth, you can’t afford to lose the opportunity to tap into this rapidly growing market. Creating your website and listing your products on it is the first step but you need to do much more to beat your competitors. This is only possible through aggressive search engine optimization of your site.

The question of search engine optimization how to benefit from it is one that lingers on many people’s minds. Here are some of the benefits which you will reap by optimizing your site.

  • The first one is obvious; there is increased traffic to your online business. This is achieved by improving your site rank to be ranked high by search engines. Chances are always high that customers who search a specific keyword will only open the top five pages listed by the search engine they use. You need your site to be among those top sites.
  • Now that you have got the top page rank and high traffic, how to you convert this traffic to sales? This brings you to the second benefit of SEO; high quality content. The information that your customers will find on your site will prompt them to make a purchase or leave for another site. It must be catchy, enticing and straight to the point. Search engines love high quality original content and in return reward you with a higher rank.
  • Another major benefit of good SEO is making your site more usable and customer friendly. You may have opened a page which took too long to open and at the end got bored closed it and open another page from another site. You are not alone, everybody hates heavy pages and so are search engines. If your site is this heavy you need to get SEO experts to make the pages lighter and even make them mobile friendly for increased sales. More people are increasingly accessing the internet on their smartphones and tablets. This is evident from the revenues from mobile gadgets Fortune 500 companies are making.

The question of benefits has been answered now the next question is for quality search engine optimization how to get any expert from all services advertised? First of all any service that is promising you fly-by-night SEO is a con! That’s right, your page won’t jump from rank 50 to be first page in just one day. It will take time and rise gradually but consisted to the top ranks. Avoid those services at all cost.

Look at the track record of the SEO firm, if they are ready to show you the sites they have optimized and how well they are ranking then that means they will do equally the same of better job for you. The expertise and experience they have will speak for itself and they won’t be fooling you with overnight success which doesn’t happen.

Google has been presenting a major challenge to SEO through their policies in SERPs. Under their policy they will place their pages on top of the rank unfairly while pushing down pages from other sites effectively cutting your traffic. SEO is dynamic and not static; you need to keep on doing it to maintain your rank or rise higher or else you lose your rank.

Here are solutions to your SEO needs.