31 December

Why WordPress is the Best CMS

Content management systems (CMS) help power the internet by providing a platform for blogs, news, and shopping. Possibly the most powerful and widely used CMS today is WordPress, and we are happy to use it for our clients at NADA GLOBAL. WordPress has been around for decades and is providing a large portion of the internet world with a platform that is easy and intuitive.

The reasons for using WordPress range from basic to advanced. The benefits, likewise, are wide and varied and we, as well as many others, see WordPress not just as a good CMS, but as the best CMS.


With Responsive Design & Development WordPress is able to recognize if the user is accessing from a mobile device and adjusts the view accordingly. You don’t need to create a second website just for mobile access. WordPress is mobile ready and mobile friendly.


We are masters at creating custom designs to fit your needs and your audience and applying them to the WordPress platform. It’s so malleable and easy for NADA GLOBAL to create intense, intricate designs that work flawlessly with the WordPress CMS platform. This is another reason why WordPress is the best CMS out there.


In addition to being an intuitive platform for our developers & designers, it’s extremely easy to use so enables an easy turnover to the client. After we get your website ready and designed the way you want, we can turn it over to you and you’ll be able to update your information pages, add to your blogs, and create new pages and add media as needed.


Many CMS providers create your domain name as an extension of theirs, but WordPress is able to provide your own unique domain name. This helps you truly customize your web pages.


WordPress code is streamlined to enable easy indexing for Google and other search engines. With our monthly SEO services this becomes a great combination to get your business found!


Because of its huge user community, you get an extremely active forum in addition to the great support that WordPress provides and of course we are always here for you.


Security is of the utmost importance and with the continual updates to the software keeping WordPress secure and safe is easy to do if you have an agency who can keep on top of it on a monthly and yearly basis.


WordPress has more plug-in available than any other CMS system and we have been developing our own custom plugins for years.


With a simple structure in place for blogging for your website, it makes the blogging the best out of all CMS platforms. WordPress was one of the first, and is still the best CMS for blogging.

At NADA GLOBAL, we use WordPress to customize websites based on you, the client’s, needs and desires. We’ll help you develop a webpage with blogs, shopping carts, donation systems and so much more. If you have a unique request, we want to hear it!

Contact NADA GLOBAL today and let us help you achieve your website and marketing goals!


18 December

Get Responsive For The New Year


Between 30 and 50 percent of website traffic comes from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and this number continues to grow as mobile Internet usage overtakes desktop. As 67 percent of users say they are more likely to make a purchase if a website is mobile friendly, it is no longer a viable option to simply design one website for desktop users and another for mobile. Instead, you need to embrace responsive web design.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach to layout and coding that enables a website to adapt to the screen size of a user’s device. This helps with everything from reading and navigation to panning and scrolling. Plus, your site stays exactly the same, and it is always the entire website, no matter the device.

Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

There are several reasons why responsive web design is important for any business and has advantages over a separate mobile site:

Higher Google Rankings

Google favors anything that improves user experience and has named responsive web design as an industry best practice. In addition, responsive designs have a single URL and the same HTML, which makes it easier for Google to crawl, index, and organize pages and for users to share, interact with, and link to content. All of these factors lead better SEO and higher rankings in search results.

Optimal User Experience for Every Screen Size

As there are no longer just a few standard screen sizes and resolutions, it is almost impossible for web designers to create a layout for every possible user. Responsive web design automatically adjusts the look and feel of a website to fit perfectly to any device. No more frustrated users returning to your site on a different device, struggling find previous information, content, products, or services.

Provided that you do not have any images or code slowing your site down, a website with responsive will be fast loading, and users will not need to zoom in and out tor read content or navigate. The design will even acknowledge touch-screen capability to improve interactivity. Finally, responsive design is the safest bet — your website should continue to work effectively on any future devices without the need for extensive changes.

Conversion Rates

The combination of better SEO and an optimized user experience leads to lower bounce rates and therefore more conversions.

Cost Effective and Time Efficient

Although the site itself may take slightly longer to design and develop than one just for desktop or just for mobile, building a responsive website is much less expensive and time consuming than creating two separate sites. As you will have just one SEO campaign, one place to add content, and one site to audit, updates will also be less problematic over the long term.

Responsive web design is no passing fad. A responsive design shows every one of your visitors that you value them, whatever device they use to view your site, and that you are willing to put in the effort to provide them with the best experience possible. Responsive design should be the only option you consider if you are looking to enhance your SEO and increase your conversions.

Here at NADA we specialize in responsive web design, feel free to contact for more information!