08 April

NADA GLOBAL Laguna Beach – New Beginnings

NADA Global Laguna BeachIt’s cliché but NADA GLOBAL Laguna Beach is Starting Anew in Spring

Every year spring is born and everyone starts talking about new beginnings, rebirths, renewals, fresh starts, etc. All the ad wizards out there have a field day this time of year using these cliché’s in their marketing campaigns. You can almost start to see it coming year to year. It’s not anything new, but it works.

In With the New

Some of the recent changes at NADA GLOBAL Laguna Beach are the new additions to the NADA team. NADA has started to shift as business continues to grow, which requires changes and adjustments in staffing and the future positioning of the brand. Enter myself, Melanie de Arakal, and Stefanie Williams-Goldberg as Creative Writer/Idea Strategist, SEO/Social Media Manager, and Strategic Marketing Director, respectively.

At NADA we are, and always have been, a full-service advertising firm. The addition of our new team members strengthens what has already existed, and also provides a larger reach and differentiation of skill, experience, and perspective.

New Ideas for an Expanding Business

This expansion has allowed us at NADA GLOBAL to fully develop and dive deeper into new areas such as business development, social media, and market expansion. We are offering services that are crucial to the development and growth of any company. We are taking the skills we have mastered, and using them to develop the skills we are still learning about in order to provide out clients with the best services for their needs. Because of these changes, we have already seen a significant growth in business and expanded our regional reach in the first quarter. Continuing this upward trend will make for a great 2015.

We pride ourselves in developing one-on-one connections with our clients. We become a part of their team as they become a part of ours. For all of our clients we think of ourselves as their “in-house” agency. So whether you need to change your branding campaign or want creative and result-driven assistance helping in all aspects of starting your new business, we want to help empower all of your “new beginnings”. Contact us today!