27 April

Orange County Logo Design – Branding Your Logo

Is there a difference between creating a logo and branding?

Orange County Logo Design

NADA GLOBAL provides in-depth services for both. Branding can be far more expansive and generally attempts to give a bigger overview of the feel of the company or product as a whole. It can include the logo, font design, color palette, website, etc. But it gives consumers a stronger idea of the company voice, company taglines, company culture, product line specifics and the overall aura. The right branding can give you a major edge in your industry. A logo is more of an identifier. Its primary purpose is not to tell the story of your company. Its goal is to emblazon the image of your company or product into public recognition. A logo is a big part of the branding process.

Let’s consider the logo for Coca-Cola. Without showing you a picture of the logo, you can already envision it. This is because the company has been around forever, but also because their marketing campaigns are built around their familiar red and white cursive logo. Their universal logo comes out of their universal branding. Now, Coca-Cola doesn’t need to continually market and sell consumers on why they should purchase or drink Coke. All they need to do is remind consumers that Coke is still their favorite drink.

You Need More Than Just A Logo

A big mistake that small businesses and start-ups make is thinking that developing a logo is all that is needed to effectively market their business. The problem is that a logo, even if it’s dynamic, rarely is capable of telling consumers the larger story of your business or product. It alone doesn’t draw deeper interest. People see the logo and really are only “called to action” if they are able to recognize and relate to the branded product or company with which it is associated.

A great example of this is Apple. When someone sees the Apple logo, they immediately think of the brand and the company as a whole. Then they have a good feeling or a bad feeling. If they have a good feeling, chances are they will be repeat customers. Marketing your business is all about building your reputation. Logos catch the eye and branding captures the heart.

NADA GLOBAL and Orange County Logo Design

As previously stated, NADA GLOBAL is an Orange County logo design and branding business. Along with our many other services, we provides the best logo design and branding to our clients. We have a team of very intelligent and creative people that bring many different perspectives, working in harmony to build the best brand for your company. Out of that, our amazingly talented graphic designers and writers design your logo and tell your story.

In Orange County, and specifically in Laguna Beach, there are a lot of established small businesses that have been around for a long time. There are also many start-ups and “mom & pop” shops. If you own a business in Orange County it is important to know what type of advertising strategies are available to you. It is important to know that having a logo is key, but not enough. In this area with many competitive businesses, understand that a strong logo sustains recognition, and branding is the vehicle to get you there.

Contact us today to learn about our many services, and how we can get you started on your logo design.