22 May

NADA GLOBAL – Innovating Orange County Website Design

We Are an Orange County Website Design Agency…

Orange County Website Design

…and our websites are on the forefront of modern design. When we design websites for our new clients, we go through an intricate process to make sure that the client’s website matches who they are, who they want to be, and the message they are trying to send. Our creative process is innovative because we do not just build a beautiful website for our clients — we build a beautiful website based on our clients’ unique branding, identity, character, and style.

As an Orange County website design agency, we find that our creativity stems from the surf and luxury culture that surrounds us. It is this blend of atmospheres that allows us to look at each project with a different perspective and new ideas. At NADA GLOBAL, we understand that no two clients are the same, which is why no two clients will ever have the same or similar website design.

The Creative Process at NADA GLOBAL

Our creative process starts with learning more about the client. We ask very specific questions about who the client is, what they stand for, who they cater to, and what their voice is. The latter is the most important. Establishing a voice is not just important for branding purposes, but it helps establish who the client is from a creative standpoint. The voice helps us establish:

  • What fonts to use
  • What style of design fits best
    • Classic
    • Modern
    • Flat
    • Sophisticated
  • What kind of images and content to use
  • What the tone of the text content will sound like
  • What colors to use

The color scheme is another important aspect of the creative process. The color palette that we use for our client’s sites should reflect the voice of the business, but it should also be bold and it should stand out to the audience. We make sure to establish a few color palettes that represent different aspects of the client’s brand, and we marry it with the tone of the website.

Once we have gone over the creative with the client, we create a creative brief for our designers to look over. The creative brief goes over everything that was discussed during the meeting with the client, this includes what they envision for their website, as well as what they want to stay away from. We make sure that our designers have a solid idea of what the client is looking for regarding the design of their website.

Our design team then creates a mock up of the website design for us to send to the client. We go over what works and what does not work with the first designs, and then we fix what needs to be fixed. After that, our developers create the back end of the website, making sure everything is responsive. Once that is completed, the client’s beautiful website is ready for publication.


NADA Global has worked on projects for many different kinds of organizations. Our focus with each client is to learn about who they are and translate that into a beautiful, functioning, and reliable website. We have worked with clients like RNG International, Sean Hunter Brown, and Flynn Jobs to create websites that reflect the overall tone of the business. Here is a list of our website work from design and development to responsive mobile-friendly sites:

NADA GLOBAL is an experienced website design agency in Orange County. Our experience with a variety of different clients has increased our ability to adapt creatively in a constantly evolving technological and design world. We find that our process, as well as our team of writers, designers, and developers, works well to create beautiful, unique websites that command the attention of anyone who visits them.

We are an Orange County website design firm that creates valuable content and designs. To learn more about NADA GLOBAL, contact us today. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with our content.