09 June

Laguna Beach Printing and Design – The Necessity of Collateral

Let’s get straight to the point…

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Every business needs some form of tangible collateral. Whether it is business cards, flyers for conventions, brochures, event invitations or even mugs, t-shirts, or pens, a business needs to use collateral to brand themselves and market their services or products. The power of good collateral can make the difference in customer loyalty, purchasing behavior, and whether or not they refer your business to others. It is as simple as making sure people remember your name.

Here at NADA GLOBAL, we provide Laguna Beach printing services that are high quality, timely, and professional. Our partnerships with printers and designers ensure that your business’ identity is shown through every piece of collateral, and that your message is not lost in translation.

Still, companies believe that printed collateral is out-of-date, and often times the costs outweigh the benefits. This is far from true. Printed collateral is a tool for marketing and branding. It can help spread awareness of your services as well as maintain customer loyalty. Printed collateral can also be used as a tool to gain a competitive edge over other businesses. Here are some reasons why all businesses should use collateral:

Use It As A Competitive Tool

Print materials can be helpful in establishing your brand over your competitors. Using brochures, folders, or other materials, you can identify what makes your brand unique, and how your business or products compare to your competitors. For example, if you offer a service of some kind, whether it be a medical service, mechanical service, or something else, then you can use print materials to give out at conventions that demonstrate what services you offer and what your competitor does not offer.

It Helps You Look the Part

Having print collateral like business cards can help you look more professional and stand out amongst the rest of your industry. Creative, bold, and unique business cards will make sure that potential clients and business partners contact you before anyone else. Here at NADA GLOBAL, our designers work hard to make sure that your business cards reflect who you are and what you want to achieve, while also ensuring that the overall design will spark a conversation.

Collateral Can Help Build Brand Loyalty Within the Company

Beyond printing material for marketing, we also print and design office supplies and collateral to promote the brand within the office. With branded coffee mugs, pens, t-shirts, and folders, you can help support brand loyalty within the office. This can help improve employee relations, and it can create a professional look within the office.

NADA GLOBAL Has Everything You Need to Start

NADA GLOBAL is ready to help you print your needed collateral and marketing materials. We offer the best in Laguna Beach printing, and whether you are in the area or not, we want to help you market your business through print collateral. To contact us e-mail hello@nadaglobal.com, or visit our website.