19 June

Find the Right Fit with an Orange County Advertising Agency

Orange County Advertising Agency: What’s Important?

Orange County Advertising Agency

Oh the choices! Oh the decisions! Which agency should I choose? How much should I spend? Am I getting ripped off? Are they listening to me? Do they see my vision? Do I even know what I want? Do I even know who I AM ANYMORE!?

Okay, maybe a little dramatic, but these are some of the natural questions that arise when trying to choose the best advertising direction for your brand, product or company. There is a lot to think about and it can be very overwhelming to a business owner who already has a lot going. But here’s a reality check: it is extremely important not only to get it right, but to get it right to the point that it yields quality results.

The tricky part is that one “simple” Google search for an Orange County advertising agency will fill your search results with more confusion. Agencies who pay Google to show up at the top of the results page make you think that those companies are the best choice – but they may not be. Local agency results show up next, which can be very enticing but again may not be right for you. So how do you know? How do you filter through all the choices to find the right agency? Well that answer lies in identifying what type of agency might be the best fit for your company.

Like in any industry, there are a myriad of different size companies that do the same type of work and to different degrees. But it’s important to remember that small doesn’t mean bad or insufficient and big doesn’t mean good or efficient. Like in any relationship, business or otherwise, it’s best to find a partner who you can connect with on as many levels as possible. Unfortunately this is where the work and research comes in.

Not being the right fit is okay. Business relationships shouldn’t be forced. Ideally, they should be complementary. Rather than play power games or try to force a relationship just because it’s easier than doing your due diligence, it’s better to look someone in the eye and say “Look, I appreciate your time and consideration, but we aren’t the right fit.” The agency you choose not only needs to know you well, but also needs to have an attitude that will champion you. This, in addition to having the capacity to handle your needs, is a big step forward in identifying the right agency for you.

This is something that you must remember when taking meetings with prospective agencies. Is there a natural connection with the people who will be working on my account? Are they really listening to me? Do they understand? Based on their past work does it look like they can help? Of course it’s never going to be a perfect relationship. However, these are the intangible factors that make the difference in whether or not you will have a positive experience and successful branding and marketing strategy.

Now This Is How We Roll

NADA GLOBAL is an Orange County advertising agency, and our development process is streamlined and geared towards executing with accuracy, efficiency and quality while keeping the timeline in mind.  All projects follow this creative process.

We will have a creative consultation with you to understand YOU, the details of your business, your target audience, short-term and long-term goals, difficulties, and needs.

Our team will work collectively using the information gathered at the creative consultation to design a set of creative options that fit with the direction of your business.

Once we are confident that TOGETHER we have achieved the creative objective, we will present the strategy concepts for review.

Following your approval, we will commence with the development process and execute the plan.

Once we have completed all revisions requested we will request final approval and will make the necessary adjustments for the world to see. Congratulations, we have effectively creating a marketing strategy that is tuned into the heart of your business. We won’t rip you off. We will listen to you. We will see your vision and work together to achieve the quality business-driven results you want.

The best part about us is our people. We genuinely care and intentionally focus in to you as a team. We value each other’s input and work together for the good of the whole. Come visit us and be valued.