12 May

Top 5 Ways Marketing Agencies Boost Your Small Business: NADA GLOBAL

Become More Visible With our Marketing Agency for Small Business

In order to boost your small business in 2016, you need a comprehensive digital presence and an experienced full service marketing agency to maintain it for you. Ultimately, the goal is increased revenue and growth for your small business. And if you’re willing to make the investment, the right marketing agency will help you take your business to the next level.

Engaging in strategy and creative marketing is essential for distributing your content to a broader audience and building a strong customer base. Hiring a marketing agency will boost your businesses and accomplish this goal. NADA GLOBAL’S Laguna Beach marketing team of designers, programmers and writers come to the table with a global perspective, one that sparks creative energy into success, and success into a future. NADA GLOBAL will invest the time to stay abreast of the latest trends, tools, technologies, and strategies to serve you better–so you don’t have to!


NADA GLOBAL is your go-to marketing agency for small business in Laguna Beach, CA.

Why Marketing & Advertising?

These days a great marketing agency is like an alchemist, because marketing is a mixture of art and science.

The alchemy of marketing and advertising is a broad topic area, which is rapidly expanding as more digital platforms emerge. It entails a concoction of tasks, including:

  • improving website visibility
  • SEO
  • branding
  • social media
  • blogging
  • email marketing
  • pay-per-click advertising
  • and much more

Even though it has been found that Internet traffic has boomed for small businesses through outsourcing their online campaign to marketing professionals less than half of small businesses allocate just 20 percent (or less) of their marketing budget to digital marketing services.

Perhaps you’ve been rethinking your marketing strategy because of slow sales, you worry you just aren’t reaching your customer potential, or perhaps you just need more time to do your job….and perhaps it’s time to consider using a marketing agency. Marketing agencies can expand or streamline your small business marketing and boost your small business.

How NADA GLOBAL’s Marketing Agency for Small Business will Boost Your Small Business

If you’re on the fence, here are our top 5 ways that a marketing agency like NADA GLOBAL can boost your small business:

1) New Rules In Marketing

Clearly, the game has changed. Big time. Success requires becoming a master of the “new rules” in advertising and marketing. A marketing agency geared towards small businesses can help you bridge the gap between the old and the new, and provides a team of diverse people that have the recent education and current technical experience you need.

There are many new approaches that a marketing agency well versed with the digital age uses to help boost and sustain your business. Approaches are things like: content writing, link building and keyword research, data tracking/ measuring your results, KPI’s (key performance indicators) all which help create a potential force online. By creating web presence, developing links and modules from websites, an agency aids in substantially increasing the number of potential customers and/or investors who will visit your website and business.

2) Perspective

Like seeing the forest for the tress, we all can get too close to our business sometimes and not see our marketing strategies, programs, or materials from our audience’s perspective. Since an owner’s perspective is still one-sided, to market successfully to your current audience – and capture new markets – you need to step out of your own shoes and into those of target markets’ or customers.’ Having a marketing agency with an outside perspective supporting your needs helps to give you the customer’s perspective, not just your company’s.

3) Creating content to grow your business

As we’ve mentioned it is so important to foster an online community with your audience of customers, because more people are accessing information online and through social media. This entails an agency engaging with followers and friends on social media, sharing updates through email newsletters and providing a very user-friendly website.

In order to use the new rules as tactics effectively, a business needs quality content to share. A marketing and advertising agency can design specific infographics, write articles, even make creative videos and that help a small business accomplish this goal. Marketing and advertising agencies can help businesses optimize their content online by implementing SEO strategies. Using SEO assures more effective content distribution for you by making it easier for your audience to actually find the information they need about your business, product, or content. This is quite an important step because SEO consistently remains top priority on the digital marketing agenda.

4) Let us focus on your small business

Who doesn’t feel like there is not enough time in the day? Hiring a small business-marketing agency allows you to focus on the things you got into business to do. From running your business, helping customers, innovating new products, traveling to conventions, the list could go on. This new paradigm of marketing allows business owners to focus on running operations and increasing the bottom line, not messing around with Facebook, Twitter or trying to build their own websites.

5) You Need customers

If you have a business, you need customers, no way around that one! Without customers there really is not much reason to get up in the morning, drive to work, turn on the lights, do payroll and all the gazillion tasks that we do as business owners.

Getting those customers closed and in the bank is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face daily, which is the biggest reason of all that all businesses need to have an effective marketing plan to maintain and grow.

Nobody is going to walk into your business and ask for whatever it is that you are selling unless they know: who you are, what you do etc…More importantly your prospective clients want to know why your product or service will be of benefit to them, and how you are differentiated from your competitors. Getting those basic facts communicated means your company needs an effective, well executed marketing plan. Most companies understand the need for a strategic marketing plan, but few understand what it is or how to implement one. In today’s world, everyone should have a social media presence. At NADA GLOBAL we can manage the social media aspect of your business, improving brand awareness and the image of your business across a number of social media outlets. With this greater SEO ranking you will be able to convert the curiosity of new viewers into brand new customers.

NADA GLOBAL Marketing Agency For Small Business

NADA GLOBAL is a performance-driven marketing agency in Laguna Beach. We have experience with a variety of different marketing and communication strategies, techniques, and tools and we are available for anything you need to create and maintain your business. We offer a happier, sunnier place where you will be free to express for success.

From web, brand identity, print, design, media to promo products we offer a wide range of services to be your one-stop-shop for creative and marketing needs.

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