26 October

ROCK TO RECOVERY: How NADA GLOBAL Supports Design for Change

NADA GLOBAL had the amazing opportunity to be a supporter through donations for the “Rock to Recovery” October event.

With so many years of experience in the advertising print world we were honored to contribute with killer marketing flyers and programs to the first annual Rock to Recovery fundraiser.

As part of our Design for Change mission, we want to influence beautiful brands and websites and healthy people as well. By sharing our time, talents, money and what works in our life, we aim to make Design for Change a Design for Life.


On October 2nd, 2016, the transformative musician rehab program, Rock to Recovery, held it’s first annual awareness event and fundraiser at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, California and NADA GLOBAL was there!

Our CEO and founder, Daniel Williams-Goldberg is also the Director of Marketing for Widespread Recovery, a groundbreaking new after care treatment center in Laguna Beach, California. As a supporter

rock to recovery

NADA GLOBAL CEO Daniel Williams-Goldberg at Rock to Recovery.

of all programs geared toward recovery, being a part of the Rock to Recovery event aimed at addiction awareness was a meaningful match. We were excited to celebrate Rock to Recovery’s current work, learn more about their program and celebrate its successes, as well as support its goals for the future.

With years of advertising expertise, we know that the printed word in advertising can be highly informative and advantageous. Not only did our fliers and programs for the event come out stunning, but also the Widespread Recovery-embossed jackets and hats really stood out on the red carpet!

rock to recovery

NADA GLOBAL with Jason Wahler of Widespread Recovery at Rock to Recovery

It was a huge event! Social Distortion singer/guitarist Mike Ness received the first ever, Rock to Recovery award in honor of his journey as a musician who has overcome a deadly addiction, and becoming a positive role model in his commitment to helping people and the community as a whole.

The line-up was epic!

There was the “Rock to Recovery All-Star Jam” band and special guests featuring:

  • Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray)
  • Steve Stevens (Billy Idol)
  • Franky Perez
  • Billy Morrison
  • Chris Chaney and Erik Eldenius
  • David Silveria, Wesley Geer & Zac Baird from Korn

The Rock to Recovery mission is to raise awareness that an addict is no longer the stereotypical “bottle in a brown paper bag on the street alcoholic” and that addiction doesn’t ever discriminate by age, gender, race, economic status, or job title…

Rock to Recovery’s non-profit entity donates its services to state-funded programs and indigent rehabs. To date, Rock to Recovery has been almost completely self-funded. Due to the program’s success and subsequent demand, the organization wants to continue efforts to bring the healing power of music to more people.

NADA GIVES: Design for Change

At NADA GLOBAL we believe it is extremely vital to donate to the charities that we believe are truly making a difference in our world.

Inspired by our mission “Design for Change,” NADA GLOBAL has taken things to another level and created a program called NADA GIVES. NADA GIVES is committed to donating to seven designated charities throughout the year:

What an amazing impact it would be if all businesses took a small part in making the lives of people around the world a tiny bit better. We have so much; let us give to those who do not.

At NADA GLOBAL, we are all spiritual, we run, exercise, surf, bike and eat healthy as we feel these are the cornerstones to a happy, productive life. With Design for Change we get inspired through testimonials, tidbits, recipes, activities and exercises that help share what works in our life and make Design for Change a Design for Life.

Make it part of yours!