14 November

NG Tips: What’s Social About Social Media Marketing?

We are extremely social animals. People today derive more pleasure from social media marketing than most of us would like to admit!

Our ever-growing roster of NADA GLOBAL clients are new to the power resource of social media marketing (SMO) but in the world of advertising and marketing we are well aware of the need to adapt to the changes of the industry. Evaluating how to alter our strategies to fit the market is what optimization is all about.

Always on the hunt to discover more tips for effective social media marketing we’ve learned a few things about maximizing your customer engagement. Recent reviews of analytics shows that our posts are top of the Google News alert listings!

We are actively using the process of increasing the awareness of your products, brands and even events, by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity for your business. Check out what we’ve been up to…

New Social Media Marketing at NADA!

NADA GLOBAL offers expert social media marketing.

NADA GLOBAL offers expert social media marketing.

NADA GLOBAL has taken social media optimization to a whole new level with what we like to call “Strategic Marketing Optimization.” Marketing Optimization is the process of improving the marketing efforts of each client in an effort to maximize (optimize) their desired business outcomes. With a little tweaking of strategy, NADA can improve the performance of each marketing channel.

Updates are allowing us to optimize our strategies across all of the social media platforms. Posts are now searchable on Facebook, providing an excellent opportunity to add keywords. Joining relevant social communities means sharing as much content as we can…thanks to the Hummingbird update, Google+ and other social networks are the perfect places for our word wizards to work with marketers and put the shine into valuable content that consumers want to read and share.

Across all of the various social media platforms, links, images, videos and text are invaluable content. However, according to recent studies video is the most important engagement driver. NADA GLOBAL is primed and ready to make video content for SEO and SMO clients. If you need video for SEO–from explainers to full blown commercials–NADA’s got ya covered!

We’ve got the analytics pointing to pictures as the most popular posts. That’s why our photographers are ready to make great first impressions for all of our clients. With shots from our experienced photographers, you can captivate your viewers, clearly portray your message, and generate trust –inspiring your audience to want to know more. NADA now has photographers all around the country that can meet you wherever your company is, making visual success one click away.

YOU! Read This Now!

That got your attention, right? Part of creating a blueprint for success at NADA GLOBAL means being tuned in to the habits and behaviors of potential customers. People often talk about children and teens having a terrible attention span due to social media, but the truth is, so do adults. Recent studies show that people have an attention span of 8 seconds so we can apply that to social media, making the first three to four words of your posts crucial to grabbing your audience’s attention.


Embrace the change with social media marketing and optimization at NADA GLOBAL.

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