09 December

NADA GLOBAL Website Designers: It’s Time To Go Mobile

NADA GLOBAL Going Mobile: Who Says Smaller Isn’t better?

NADA GLOBAL went mobile, have you? Who doesn’t want a website that fits into their pocket? With all the varied mobile phone and tablet sizes these days, sometimes that means a tailored fit. As responsive website designers, we know that user goals and content are strategically different on a mobile device than on home computers…which means it’s necessary to produce websites with a separate mobile presence.

Mobile design is all about building another version of your website by adapting the design, content, and features. Compared to online searching with desktop computers, with mobile devices, the more you click the links on mobile websites, the more you tend to wait because of loading time. That’s why you need to strip down, simplify and prepare to go mobile with your website, achieving balance between content and navigation…the NADA GLOBAL way.

Our main goal is to develop your business the way you’ve always dreamed–with mobile website designers at the helm

“Small” may be bad when it comes to pay checks or engagement rings but did you know that in the world today there are more than 5.9 billion mobile phone users? Yep, and roughly one thousand more are added every minute.

That means, statistically, approximately 40% of time spent online by potential clients and business is now done through a mobile device. This makes mobile websites more in-demand than ever.

Mobile Devices Into The future

If you have a phone, you are a mobile Internet user. You’re likely constantly on the go, and you need information quickly so you can get back to your busy lives. As 2016 turns into 2017 this will only increase for our customers and clientele. Therefore the information you’re searching for needs to be quick and easy to access.

This kind of “short attention span” of mobile device users can really affect the design process for mobile websites. The key difference between mobile and desktop users is that mobile device users browse the Internet in “on-the-go” situations, whereas desktop users are in stationary and predictable environments. This means that mobile website page design needs to be accessible, intuitive, and very attractive to achieve the best results.

NADA GLOBAL has mobile website designers at the ready

NADA GLOBAL has mobile website designers at the ready

The easiest way to build a mobile website is to modify your existing website to make it compatible for mobile handsets and screens of all sizes, which in the advertising and marketing biz is called “responsive design.” There are some very important things that you should be aware of when it comes to going mobile here are a few tips from NADA GLOBAL:

  1. Unique Design: A mobile device has about one tenth as many pixels as a regular screen. Use a one-column layout, fewer graphics, save screen space and load time, simpler navigation, (so there is more room for larger buttons).
  1. Content for Small Screens: If writing for websites is about being brief and to-the-point, writing for mobile sites is even more so. Shorten your copy.
  1. Finger Friendly: Mobile web users generally don’t use a mouse and keyboard. Keep these different types of fingers in mind when designing your mobile website. Whitespace is good!
  1. Optimize for Vertical Scrolling: Vertical scrolling has become second nature to users–mobile websites in simple formats, like lists, helps make vertical scrolling simple and easy to use for site visitors…targeting links that are included in small text, photos, or buttons.
  1. Download Times: Background images only increases download times and can actually reduce readability in certain lighting conditions. So designing our mobile sites for quick load and download times is crucial. When designing a website for mobile use, speed will almost always be the number one factor so visitors can quickly find what they need.
  1. Simplicity Equates to Usability: Yes! Let them move around the site with no difficulty; lets avoid the inclusion of tables, frames and other formatting. If you use padding, remember to keep it to an absolute minimum far less than you’d use for a normal web

Custom Mobile Website Design With NADA GLOBAL

Want to create a mobile website optimized for mobile devices or learn all about the best practices for your business with responsive web design? At NADA GLOBAL we know how to design mobile websites that are sleek, attractive, and intuitive….most importantly, true to your brand and your story.

At NADA GLOBAL, our team of knowledgeable desktop and mobile website designers and developers are fully capable of building and designing a mobile version of your most important online asset, your website. We help to boost your brand and bring you into the mainstream by:

  • Building and designing your custom mobile pages
  • Integrating with WordPress, or other CMS
  • Automatic resizing and adjustment
  • Install / code provided to redirect mobile visitors
  • Click to email function / Click to call function
  • Ability to turn mobile site on / off
  • Location Map
  • Custom programming
  • And much more…

Ok, here’s where the geek in all of us shines! Whether developing a kickin’ UI/UX, or a beautifully designed brand, NADA GLOBAL offers a hand-crafted structure & cohesiveness. We delve into every nook & cranny, every turn & corner with one thing in mind: your success.

Seriously, this is where the fun starts for us. We have all the fundamentals to create a brilliant space where light is let in and our designs are able breathe. We will design, develop, design-some-more and review until we have not only met your needs but have exceeded them.

Come play with us and feel the NADA experience!

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