31 January

Who Are You Hiring? Presenting Your NADA GLOBAL Team

Thinking of hiring NADA GLOBAL as your Digital Marketing Agency?

NADA GLOBAL is a digital marketing agency based in Laguna Beach, CA, serving the globe with website development, SEO strategy, Social Media and so much more! We offer a wide range of constantly evolving services so that we can be your one-stop-shop for all of your advertising and marketing needs. What really sets us apart from the rest are our handpicked team members.

The entire NADA GLOBAL team was hired with careful thought to the roles they would fill, the skills sets required, personality attributes that are important and all relevant experience that differentiated them from the other applicants.


Our team of designers, programmers and writers come to the table with a global perspective, one that sparks creative energy into success. Throughout the creation of NADA GLOBAL we have strived to bring in team members with positive personalities and integrity who take responsibility for their tasks and are assets in every way.

Picking a team of people to hire for your project is an art and a science. You will have clear requirements in terms of skills, but just as important are the intangibles that will absolutely affect the successful outcome of your advertising or marketing plan. With so many crowning achievements for our team members it’s hard to pick which ones to highlight. However, getting to know the unique personal qualities and professional abilities of team members that only NADA GLOBAL can provide, may be helpful for your hunt to hire the best!

Introducing The NADA GLOBAL Team


NADA GLOBAL Team Member, Daniel Williams-Goldberg

NADA GLOBAL Team Member, Daniel Williams-Goldberg

Daniel Williams-Goldberg: Chief Creative Officer, CEO & Founder

The genesis Of NADA GLOBAL: Daniel had a vision in 2004 that there was a space where an agency could come in and become an integrated part of a businesses team without being in-house. This form of a “modular agency” has provided the super power of a big ad agency to small and larger companies alike, without all of the financial obligations and red tape.

Having opened many businesses and retail stores, as well as being a musician, artist and photographer, Daniel brings a well-rounded landscape of experience and business sense to his clients. From high-end technology projects with CNBC, to beautiful inspiring websites and brands in the therapeutic space, Daniel’s creative communication and passion for his clients is truly a gift and assists him in developing solutions to overcome any design, website or business challenge.


“After over 19 years in the restaurant and retail industry I found the one common denominator was customer service, period. This was the key ingredient along with great marketing and then of course a great product that kept customers happy, referring others and coming back time and time again. In all the positions I have had I have always had a personal relationship with my customers and clients. Truly listening to them and learning about their lives is another passion of mine; as I truly care about my clients, what they go through and how all that translates into their daily lives and businesses.”


“I love so many aspects of this business and NADA GLOBAL:

  • Working with an amazing team that is effective, fun, global, creative and passionate in their work and lives. I love what we are all building.
  • Working with great clients who have built their businesses with their own two hands, and now entrust us to help them take it to the next level.
  • Joining forces with organizations that are evidently making a difference in the world.
  • Seeing something being built, launched and then working for the client and their customers.
  • Being able to create my own schedule that allows me to have a work life balance with my family, friends and fun. It’s so important to be balanced!”


“Gratitude is an action and not a state of mind. It can start with words, prayer, and writing but must ultimately be turned into an action that brings these thoughts and will to life. Engaging in gratitude is the true measure of how grateful I feel on a daily basis. I am grateful for:

  • My work and home family that is healthy and happy. Health is the most important factor and we must take care of ourselves, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
  • The business we have built and continue to grow.
  • The people I get to work with that have made a choice to be a part of the NADA GLOBAL team.
  • The work we “GET” to do that helps many people around the globe.


To continually grow organically and naturally, providing a solid living that is flexible, fun and challenging to the whole team while making a difference in the world.

Daniel’s Loves / Family, spirituality, golf, creating, music, food, fun, friends & surfing. daniel@nadaglobal.com



NADA GLOBAL Team Member Guady Pleskacz

NADA GLOBAL Team Member Guady Pleskacz

Guady Pleskacz: Director Of Client Relations

Guady comes to the NADA GLOBAL team with a long list of creative development, graphic design, fashion, photography, art and business accolades. She has previously worked in management and purchasing positions within the fashion industry. She has helped companies like American Vintage and “Dwntwn” open new locations, while managing her staff and maintaining strong client relationships.

Her graphic design & art talents coupled with her experience and prior opportunities have helped perfect her communication skills, and have created the perfect mix to take on our client relationships department. With her deep appreciation of client needs, combined with a keen eye for great design, Guady works with NADA clients to achieve amazing results that continue to develop long-term, productive relationships…did we say she’s a denizen of design? Yeah, she’s got mad skills.


“I was born in Argentina (moved here when I was age 1)–my entire family lives there still! I have lived in Hawaii and southern California; I graduated from Cal State LA, with a degree in Graphic Design. What most people don’t know about me is that I love to paint.


  • I love to design and build websites.
  • I love going into the NADA GLOBAL office and being close to the beach.
  • My favorite project in 2016 was Dragonfly Transition’s re-design. I’ve been wanting to re-do that site for sometime now and I took a lot of pride in utilizing my design skills to come up with something that I felt truly portrayed them as a company.
  • I also am looking forward to launching Unseen’s new site because of all the wonderful work they are doing to help people, I love being a part of projects that really mean something to a lot of people.


In the New Year I look forward to figuring out how to be a mom of two while growing my career at NADA. I thank Daniel for inviting me to be a part of the NADA GLOBAL team and family almost four years ago and I can’t wait to take on more projects and grow my project management skills.

I’m looking forward to having a girl and growing our family, hoping to travel more this year (HAHAHAHA) and I love our two dogs and all animals!

Guady’s Loves / Her husband, her family, Moose & Sooner her dogs, painting, traveling, music, motorcycle rides. guady@nadaglobal.com



NADA GLOBAL Team Member Claire DeBerg

NADA GLOBAL Team Member Claire DeBerg

Claire DeBerg: Director Of Communications, SEO Manager


Claire is the NADA GLOBAL digital marketing maven and professional SEO strategist with many years of working in the advertising and digital spheres. Her years as a copywriter and project manager has given her a breadth of experience that allows NADA GLOBAL to offer clients a unique edge to their marketing and social media campaigns.

A self-proclaimed “grammar nerd,” Claire was a professor of English for three years at University of Northern Iowa before launching a successful freelance writing and editing business in 2007. It’s ten years later and she is using all of those potent skills learned from working with a multifaceted diverse group of people who taught her to be mindful of how and what is communicated to be the most highly efficient and adept Director of Communications for NADA GLOBAL clients.


“I really love guiding the team of NADA GLOBAL writers to inspire and encourage that juicy content only a Google bot could love. When Google eats up the content we write for clients then rewards by moving them onto page 1 of a Google search results page, well, my heart simply swells. That kind of work is most rewarding because it is tangible and can be seen working month after month. Yum!”


“I’m so grateful for the honor to work with the NADA GLOBAL team. Each member gifts me with myriad ways I can aspire to be better in this life and this work:

  • Guady is dedicated and excellently careful which means projects are completed beautifully with precise attention to detail.
  • Tanya is creative and deeply inquisitive which brings a refreshing gaze to each article and post and page assignment.
  • Daniel is attentive and forever positive which reminds me to respond instead of react, to choose the road that leads to peace and calm, to be present and be thoughtful.”


“My hope for NADA GLOBAL in 2017 is that we will bond deeper as a creative team and dream bigger as a company than ever before.

My hope for NADA GLOBAL clients in 2017 is that we will surpass expectations, bring more family into our fold and transition to more partnerships with replacement of the term “work for” with the term: “work with.”

One year after a particularly fun-filled and intense holiday visit with family, my daughter, who was 10 years-old at the time, sat at our kitchen table while we decompressed from and discussed the recent festivities. She took a deep breath and sighed saying, “That was one hellabration.” We all laughed at her funny mistake…but now we use the term to define many occasions and much of life. Life can be challenging and wonderful all in the same breath, all at the same time. I want to hold things lightly enough in 2017 so I can appreciate and allow each event, person, client and encounter to be my teacher. Perhaps 2017 will be one hellabration in all the best kinds of ways with all the best kinds of feels. Let’s find out…”

Claire’s Loves / Her family, red shoes, marathoning, Chopin preludes, peanut butter. claire@nadaglobal.com



NADA GLOBAL Team Member Tanya Anticevic

NADA GLOBAL Team Member Tanya Anticevic

Tanya Anticevic Lead SEO/SM Copywriter


Tanya Anticevic is our word play wiz! Although she comes to us as a creative copywriter, she has a work resume that is so extensive and vastly entertaining, that we are no longer surprised at her many occupations and work achievements…we simply say, “of course you handed out flyers in a chicken-suit!” She has been perfectly primed by her previous career paths as: an elementary school teacher, real estate agent, grad student, actress, voice-over artist, drama coach, celebrity personal assistant, and high end retail sales & marketing.

Although just about every career path she has chosen has enhanced her prospective with an understanding of a variety of businesses and fields of interest, it has also provided her with unending tools as a writer. She can turn frowsy SEO content into fun eye candy and equally excels at social media marketing ideas that aren’t staid. Her catchphrase is: “Making a global difference, one word at a time…” And yes, she came up with that (she’s so pleased that her degree in English Language Arts has finally been put to good use!).


“I really get a thrill from research–I know it sounds weird, but in order to write authoritatively on any subject I must know what I’m writing about, intimately. Learning about our amazing clients and their given business or market is serious and yet fun. I feel like your success is our success–busting out brands with copy that pops, coming up with taglines that sparkle and brainstorming fresh, quality content means I have been of purpose.

I get a kick outta producing excellent content for blogs, email newsletters, articles, white papers, social media posts and web pages. I am dedicated to writing that allows NADA GLOBAL clients to experience a boost in how their communication is felt and understood. I love finding out that a client has had a boost in business because of my writing.

Love what you do = True Joy


On a personal level, I hope to continue having a work/life balance that allows me to be of service in my community volunteering for SAG-AFTRA “Book Pals,” the Hollywood Soup Kitchen as well as my fellowship of 10 years and hopefully much more!

I look forward to seeing NADA GLOBAL grow in its outreach with businesses that matter, with people who are making our world a better place. Words are the most powerful and influential tool we have as humans–it’s what sets us apart. Let’s use our words wisely.

Tanya’s Loves / Family, living in California, the arts/performing, storytelling, TV Binge watching and freedom. tanya@nadaglobal.com

NADA GLOBAL: Want To Work With Us?

“The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.” -Sarah MacLean

One of the most satisfying relationships in life is the one we make with a business partner. At NADA GLOBAL we aim to broaden our reach and build an internal team rapport with our stellar clients!

When you hire us, you hire a team of valued professionals who share the same goal. Sign up for our monthly blog and stay tuned for personally-written blogs by each team member!

Current subjects range from:

  • Daniel’s thoughts and videos of his son surfing and talking about how surfing is kind of like life.
  • Claire’s recent volunteer opportunity with an organization she supports.
  • Guady sharing about “mommying” and working: what that really looks like in 2017.
  • Tanya’s experiences with teaching celebrity youth and acting in Hollywood.

Let’s Play! For more information about these and more of our team members or to inquire about hiring NADA GLOBAL for your advertising and marketing needs feel free to contact us!