08 February

Let Us Be Your Guide: E-Commerce Web Design

With the help of e-commerce, people can offer services and products for customers and do business globally. Digital communication has revolutionized web design for businesses, organizations and individuals.

With NADA GLOBAL as your guide to creating top-notch e-commerce web design, over time, people will come to know, use, and trust your brand–visiting your site instinctively when they want to buy something.

E-commerce (“electronic commerce” or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services and/or transmitting funds or data over an electronic network—mainly the Internet. These business transactions occur as: business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business. Through e-commerce people can do Internet shopping, online stocking, bond transactions, download and sell software, documents, graphics, music, etc.

The e-commerce market is continuing to grow which means it’s important to jump on that train! “Online sales” accounted for more than a third of total U.S. retail sales growth in 2015, according to the U.S. Commerce Department. Web sales totaled $341.7 billion in 2015, which was a 14.6% increase over 2014.

This growing popularity and request for e-commerce web design at NADA GLOBAL is because of the many benefits of e-commerce which includes things like:

  • Around-the-clock availability
  • The speed of access
  • The wide availability of goods and services for the consumer
  • Easy accessibility
  • International reach

E-Commerce Web Design By NADA GLOBAL

The best ecommerce web design done the NADA GLOBAL way are the ones that drive engagement and conversions (although we love hearing how about how awesome our websites are, too).

Did you know that more than 20% of online shoppers say that bad site design and poor navigation are the primary reasons for abandoning a cart or choosing simply not to check out with an individual retailer?

The function of individual online stores has fundamentally changed: your e-commerce website is a form of media that sells the idea, essence and values of your brand—it’s not just a digital checkout. So they have got to be shopping destinations that provide unique online experiences unparalleled by your competitors.

In our years of experience we have learned several key factors that are important for the best practices in e-commerce web design and design of any kind:

  • Web design has to be usable: Quick and easy navigation, simplicity and ease of use.  At no point should shoppers be left wondering what to do next.
  • Websites have to be reliable: Your customers will expect sites to be online 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and for pages to load immediately.
  • Websites must have transparency: This means you need to make sure that things like contact information, policies and customer reviews are easy to find.
  • Websites need to be secure: This boils down to trustworthiness (because no one likes to give credit card details into a website that isn’t safe).
  • Website content should be easy to share: Social media sharing functions are a prominent part of product page design these days. In marketing, word-of-mouth is a powerful advertisement, so we make it easy for customers to share their purchase.
  • Websites should be mobile-friendly: We focus on mobile devices because it represents over 60% of traffic.


We create e-commerce web design for brands who are challenging the traditional idea of an online shopping cart and want to imbue their e-commerce site designs with high-quality content that keeps customers coming back, and their brand top of mind. If your web design was done over a decade or more ago, it is likely starting to show it’s age. Now is the perfect time to use advances in communications as an opportunity to rebuild from the ground up.

Here is a sample preview of some of our ecommerce web design:

The Mennonite


We provided The Mennonite with a very cost-effective, artistic, responsive website to fit their needs and to grow into. The Mennonite website was quite a different task and we had to hit the drawing board to develop a site with many content pages, informational portals as well as multiple news systems without looking cluttered or being clunky.

We are so grateful for the opportunity and have had the exciting news that their user views is up over 500% https://themennonite.org

Table To Table


When Table To Table came to us needing a new website FAST we were eager to take on the challenge. Their current site had lots of great information but needed a stronger presence and a hipper vibe. Table-to-Table is an organization that is genuinely working to help those in need and we are so proud that we were given the chance to build them a beautiful site that will hopefully reach millions of people across the state and country. In addition to working with Table to Table, NADA GLOBAL donated over $12,000 in services to make this happen for them. We couldn’t be more ecstatic to help an amazing cause!


DayNa Decker


DayNa Decker gave NADA GLOBAL a challenge to redesign and redevelop her site in one month! We thought for a second, said yes and it was on! We developed an e-commerce site that had beauty, functionality, a great user experience and transmitted the sexiness & elegance of the brand. We discussed different features, UX, flow and ended up with a clean, simple scrolling home page style site to give the user access to all their products in one unified place. Adding responsive design, custom shopping cart & backend functionality and an intuitive administrative ordering process, DayNa Decker is now positioned to take the world by storm and bring her sexy, sultry, luxurious products into homes across the globe.


Come play with us and feel the NADA experience!

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