24 February

New Medical Website Redesign Is Looking Good!

Medical Website Redesign - NADA GLOBAL

Medical Website Redesign – NADA GLOBAL

Medical website redesign with NADA GLOBAL means dramatically improving your visitors’ browsing experiences, greatly increasing patient satisfaction and retention and improving medical brand awareness and building your patient’s trust.

Medical websites these days don’t have to be impersonal or antiseptic: with NADA GLOBAL’S modernized medical websites you’ll get functionality fused with form.

We set a new standard for ensuring personalized website redesign, with a specific knack for the medical industry.  Read more to find out why things like the integration of all systems, responsive design and a whole lot of dynamic changes are ushering in a completely new way of designing medical websites!

NADA GLOBAL: Medical Website Redesign

With your medical website redesign you will want to show your expertise and let your patients know they are going to get quality, support, results and value with your services.

At NADA GLOBAL we do creative medical website redesign to enrich our customers’ medical websites. NADA GLOBAL does medical website redesign with medical marketing services for doctors and medical offices of all types.  Advance your practice, boost your revenue while letting us save you time with your online reputation management.

Our high-performance standards mean we will update and optimize your website, creating a new and improved, seamless connection between the backend and frontend. Our services cover the full cycle of medical website development, from business analysis and design to implementation.

Here are some of the other things you get with our medical website redesign:

  • Beautifully designed graphics, videos and photos galleries.
  • Optimized SEO.
  • Patient education content.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Integration with internal and other medical systems.
  • Patient success stories.
  • Reengagement: using content personalization as a patient retention technique, you can reengage the patients who visited the facility some time ago.
  • The heavy data loads of today are not a problem; your resources will display content quickly and accurately.
  • Content migration.
  • Maintenance.
  • Responsive design. Your patients are mobile, so we design websites with improved mobile usability. Regardless of device, browser or platform our responsive website redesigns can make changes to the appearance of your website based on the screen size and orientation of the device used to view it.

A Modern View: Redesigning The Claris Eye Care & Surgery Website

“NADA GLOBAL has been instrumental in the creation of Claris Eye Care & Surgery’s website. We met to discuss the concept of a new type of eye care clinic with a sharper focus on patient service and trusted informative care. NADA created the external public face of Claris to the community. From the contemporary logo to the inviting home page of the Claris website, our public face is consistent. Innovative ways to engage patients from standard literature and brochures to cutting edge social media forms and SEO are all portions of NADA’s expertise. NADA GLOBAL has always been available to discuss and implement new ideas. They have been reliable to execute their tasks quickly, efficiently and effectively at every stage of the process.” – Dr. Keith Carlson

One of the reasons our clients love us is because of our knowledgeable and genuine team who care about your needs and satisfaction—they know they will have our full attention and commitment to any and all projects.

Redesigning the new Claris Eye Care & Surgery website wasn’t just about making it look beautiful. The redesign was part of a plan to modernize and re-energize in order to better serve their valued patients.

The luminous outcome was a cleaner, brighter and more accessible website with key proponents being functionality and ease:

  • Clearly defined sections.
  • Patients can find information more quickly and easily.
  • Clean, open design.
  • Text magnifier (has the unique ability to make content larger).
  • Easier site navigation.
  • Easier ability to contact location.
  • Easier to schedule an appointment.
  • Responsive design/mobile friendly.
  • New in-depth content.
  • Keep the site fresh with photos and updates geared towards viewing pleasure.

Claris Eye Care & Surgery came to us in 2009 with a new idea to create an eye care specialist center that focuses on the most important factor: the patient. In the coming years we developed business systems (letterhead, envelopes, business cards), a custom website, mobile site, perform monthly Search Engine Optimization (SEO), copywriting and tons of marketing materials to get them where they are today.

Their recent website redesign is just another way Claris Eye Care & Surgery are making a difference in the medical industry. Now thousands of patients, tens of thousands of visits and several years later, they are one of the top eye surgery centers in Minneapolis. Did we mention we love working with them? 

NADA GLOBAL: New Websites Now!

There’s no better time than now to have your medical website redesigned!

The Internet is now mobile, which means you need to get a move on it. At NADA GLOBAL we offer specialized medical website redesigns which include effective healthcare marketing campaigns. We are helping our valued clients with branding, web, print, SEO, mobile and so much more!

Our passion for the healthcare industry shows through in our design and marketing. We can deliver winning websites and successful medical marketing plans to fit every need.

Sometimes new energy, a new look and a new plan are all you need to boost your business. Learn more about getting a newly updated and redesigned medical website today!

For more information from NADA GLOBAL, connect with us:

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