06 March

Marketing Creative Content :: Tanya Anticevic Copywriting Process

Creative content and copywriting has fueled the bulk of growth in digital marketing. Having worked as a copywriter with NADA GLOBAL for the past 3 years I have truly come to believe that any business can succeed with quality content.

For me, the process for content writing is kind of like tackling a crossword puzzle, a Mensa Bulletin activity or sometimes even a Rubik’s cube! Even the projects that are thrillingly unsolvable can be fun. The bottom line is that at this point in my career, they are all tackled in a “Totally Tanya” way…which is a hodgepodge of all the tools and techniques I’ve been developing over the last 40 odd years.

All writers have a creative process to actually get the work done. My process incorporates a little bit of inspiration, research, art, nature and maybe even a little bit of nail biting. Time and again I am reminded that there are many paths I can take to get my desired destination!

How My Copywriting Began

When I was a little girl, the only space I had to myself, was the back of a very deep closet in the bedroom I shared with my little sister. I created a comfy nook, replete with fuzzy pillows, a lamp, a small desk and chair…and it was in my own special world that I would write short stories or scenes and occasionally sketch or draw. I always thought this was odd–specifically because my family said it was odd–but also because I didn’t know anybody else who occupied this dream space that I seemed to so permanently reside in.

Marketing Creative Content with Tanya Anticevic

Marketing Creative Content with Tanya Anticevic

These private moments, in addition to my paints, pastels, sketchbooks, and the records and record player that I bought with my burgeoning babysitting business, were what nurtured me during a very difficult and traumatic childhood. It has only been in this second act of my life that I have discovered how truly applicable the tools, skills and talents I had developed so early on could be in achieving a fulfilling career path.

Late in my career as an actress I fell in to doing radio voice-overs. My years of experience in commercial auditioning and being familiar with commercial advertising content really came in handy. I would draft, edit, and even improvise my scripts much to the delight of my employers–but also with some kind of newfound delicious self-satisfaction.

With a BA in English Language Arts & Education and an MFA in Theater, it’s safe to say that my writing has directly been influenced by my reading. It is with my beloved books that my content writing process truly begins.

My Copywriting Process

Having been a student or a teacher for the better part of my life, I truly enjoy the role of research in my writing process. Trade secrets certainly abound in blogs and websites on the Internet. However, I’m still a little old school (well, ok, a lot) in that my mini library has to come with me everywhere I travel. Nose deep in a book (that is actually made of paper thank you very much) is one of my favorite places to be and always has been. Some of my favorite tips on writing came from On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft by Stephen King, Bird By Bird: Some Instructions On Writing and Life by Anne Lamott and even (no joke) from Aristotle’s On Poetry And Style.

Preparing to write content has become just as important to me as actually sitting down to write it. My process today is similar to that of my childhood in that I still need to get into that creative and artistic head space. Inspiration and direction may come to me via suggestions, classes, or even movies and television. I listen to music, meditate, draw, blow balloons or bubbles (seriously–it actually forces you to breathe in, which by definition is to “inspire”) or even make magazine collages.

In preparation for writing this blog I became intensely aware of trying to explain my process; I noticed that when I have projects due I’d find myself mulling it over before going to bed, or while walking, hiking, swimming, reading magazines or even on fact-finding missions on social media! There are definitely moments and days when the clock seems to be flagrantly mocking my lack of motivation or inspiration. Then there are other times when I’m just in some kind of zone that is almost like an out-of-body experience. It is in those rare times that I truly feel I am an instrument of divine intervention, when the ideas and thoughts are being shaped by the words and my perspective of things is forever changed.

The last part of my process, which I would be sincerely remiss in not mentioning, is that I have an incredibly intelligent editor who ameliorates my errors and misfires with perfectly chosen words, creating the totally badass brand making copy that you can rely on with NADA GLOBAL.

NADA GLOBAL For Your Marketing Needs: Get To Know Us

I know, it would be so much fun to sit down with me, have a coffee and chat about all things marketing and copywriting! Well, you can. Approachability and transparency are pillars of strength to the NADA GLOBAL brand.

Our door is always open for current clients and potential clients to learn about how we approach growth and marketing at NADA, in addition to what tactics, techniques, and channels we use to get the job done well.

At most digital marketing agencies, creative thinking usually only lies with designers, art directors, and creative directors; at NADA GLOBAL we are all encouraged to let our unrestricted imaginations out-of-the-box in thinking and bringing forth new ideas for inventive solutions to our clients’ needs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek into my creative copywriting process. Stay tuned for more personal blogs and updates by our other key players!

Happy marketing.