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NADA GLOBAL: Your Remarketing Agency


Your Remarketing Agency - Skilled Marketing Agents at NADA GLOBAL

Your Remarketing Agency – Skilled Marketing Agents at NADA GLOBAL

Ever felt like “big brother is watching you” as you’ve surfed the web? Everywhere you go you feel like a company is following you…you skip from Facebook, to YouTube to your favorite shopping website and everywhere you look you see a banner ad for one specific company? That’s “Remarketing.”

Remarketing is simply banner ads (with personalization based on your previous web history) that target you after you’ve visited a business’ website…to help you reconsider, reevaluate and rethink going back and consuming, purchasing and using their business! The results of remarketing are an improved ROI, better exposure, and even more engagement.

NADA GLOBAL is you your remarketing agency: our skilled marketing experts can provide a tailored message or a promotion that will encourage prospects to return to your website and complete a conversion making your remarketing, well, remarkable.

NADA GLOBAL: Your Remarketing Agency

At NADA GLOBAL we have learned that retargeting and marketing all over again is effective because it focuses your advertising spending on people who are already familiar with your brand and have obviously recently demonstrated interest.

Remarketing is effective because it increases brand awareness and recognition with constant exposure to brand ads, it drives repeat traffic to your site (since sales aren’t typically made during the first visit anyway), and improves ROI based on increased user touch points.

As your remarketing agency we can add a piece of special coding to all of your web pages, and later when the customers visit these pages, they will be automatically added to your remarketing list. Later we can reach out to these prospective customers with any marketing message you want to put forward, while they browse other websites or search engines.

Want to raise your brand profile? Now you can with remarketing.

It’s an ideal tactic for our ad agency especially where the sales process is long and considered and competitive. Executed in the right way it can be a powerful tool to improve sales conversions because consumers are matched with ads that fit their specific user profile—what marketers call an “interest graph.”

As remarketing is part of Google Ad Words we can create ads that achieve brand awareness by displaying your brand to visitors over a period of days, weeks or months, and you will be able to track outcomes through normal conversion tracking.

NADA GLOBAL is a remarketing agency that offers many different types of remarketing. We do remarketing for:

  • Sites: “Site remarketing” is simple: it displays an ad after an individual leaves your site.
  • Search: “Search remarketing” targets users who make specific keyword/phrase inquiries. Since they are displaying an interest in your industry they are probably looking for more information or a solution.
  • Social Media: “Social media remarketing” differs from Google Ad network remarketing. It focuses on displaying a remarketed ad on your social networks. For example, if you go visit Amazon and then go on to your Facebook, you might instantly see ads for Amazon.
  • Email: “Email remarketing” especially with Gmail, provides contextual ads, typically based on your email content. We can also remarket to the ads within an individual’s email client.

While there’s no cheat sheet for becoming a household name, there are certain brand-building strategies that can help launch (and continue) your efforts—one of these is remarketing.  Here a few more advantages on launching remarketing:

  • You can boost your results even more with ads that include products or services that people viewed on your website.
  • You can show ads to people who have used your mobile app/mobile website while they use other mobile apps or browse other mobile websites.
  • You can even show ads to people who have interacted with your videos or YouTube channel as they use it and browse Display Network videos, websites, and apps.

Getting Started Remarketing With NADA GLOBAL

Remarketing has become one of NADA GLOBAL’s favorite strategies that we are happy to be integrating into our marketing mix. Remarketing and retargeting are powerful branding and conversion optimization tools, but they work best if they are part of a larger digital strategy.

Retargeting works best in conjunction with inbound and outbound marketing or demand generation. Other strategies involving content marketing, AdWords, and targeted display are great, too, but the bottom line is that every business needs quite a few tools to drive traffic and get the most out of that traffic.

NADA GLOBAL digital advertising agency offers a wide range of services to be your one-stop-shop for creative and marketing needs. Our team of designers, programmers and writers come to the table with a global perspective, one that sparks creative energy into success.

So, what are you waiting for?!  

Interested in getting started with some fine-tuned finessing that can be done with remarketing? Contact us; we’d love to hear from you!

For more information from NADA GLOBAL, connect with us:

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