31 May

Custom Printing: Print is NOT Dead

Hear ye, Hear ye! Print Is Not Dead!

You read that right! Even though you’re reading this via a digital method of marketing, print marketing and custom printing has not expired its last dying breath. While it’s true that several marketing services have seen a sharp decline since the dawn of digital, the enduring value of print is that print is more memorable than digital and ultimately leads to better brand recall.

Last year NADA GLOBAL saw a consistent 10% of business being in custom printing. There aren’t many advertising and marketing agencies these days that are as well versed in the power of print as we are. Our clients love that we do print because we are able to communicate the brand and keep brand standards across all mediums!

The Positive Aspects Of Custom Printing: Why Print Is Not Dead

Studies have shown that there are many positive aspects of print, and that it is still a strong influence on consumers. Despite some of the financial and environmental reasons that make digital a good option, it will never be able to create the kind of emotional effect of a print marketing campaign. The reason why? Quite simply, print can stimulate the senses in a way that digital can’t.

Digital has advantages over print that can include speed, cost and accessibility. However, it just doesn’t drive home the same emotions from your consumer audience that print does.  So instead of completely throwing away your print marketing plan, we urge you to consider its strengths.

The most positive and powerful aspect of custom printing and print marketing is its tangibility. Digital can never achieve the ability to physically hold, touch, see, hear or smell the object in ways that print can. Think of it this way, when you get a birthday or condolence card is it the same in an email as it is in an actual card that is mailed to you? The analogy has been used before, but it’s really true: would you like it if your hard earned diploma were simply emailed to you? Wouldn’t it be more meaningful to have it in print?

Here are some other positive aspects of custom printing and print marketing:

  • The potentially high ROI with careful and limited use (ROI measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment’s cost).
  • When incorporated in a way that motivates your customers, prints is a powerful tool that lets customers know you appreciate their business and are thinking of them. It’s attention that appeals to everyone’s humanity.
  • High quality print marketing is important for brand recognition and customer loyalty. 
  • Print material can speak to your client’s needs, desires and lifestyle. For example, you can monetize marketing to the homes of people who are actually at home all the time!

Custom Printing: Print is NOT Dead - NADA GLOBALCustom Printing With NADA GLOBAL: How to Make Print Work For You

At NADA GLOBAL we know how to make print work for you. Using the best of both worlds, old and new we have learned all kinds of smart tactics to make print work for a variety of businesses. For example, direct mail campaigns can be easily launched thanks to the digital age and social media! You know those handy features that let you know a lot about who visits your sites, well, those analytics pages can be used to create a very specific target audience that you can use to launch a direct mail marketing campaign. Rather than creating leads via a paid social media post, we can use analytics to create print material that meets your consumer’s needs in addition to having an emotional appeal.

In the last year we have had such positive feedback on the efficacy of our custom print campaign options. These print campaigns, with the right audience, can be much more effective at creating leads than digital.

Printing with NADA GLOBAL includes customized on everything from splash pages to tradeshow tables!

NADA GLOBAL’s Custom Printing Possibilities:

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Brand Guides
  • Annual Reports
  • Direct Mail
  • VIP Lanyards
  • Postcards
  • Sell Sheets
  • Folders
  • Tradeshow tables
  • Promotional Items like:
    • T-shirts
    • Sweatshirts
    • Journals
    • Mugs
    • Bags
    • Shirts
    • Backpacks
    • more!

Print and digital complement each other very well. Rather than all digital or all print, as your all-inclusive A-list marketing agency, we believe in an integrated marketing approach that strikes a competitive combination of the two.

At NADA GLOBAL we know how to leverage the unique benefits of print marketing with the convenience and accessibility of digital.

Contact us today for more information on why you should include print in your marketing menu and check out some of our recent print work.

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