16 May

Law Office Website Redesign with NADA GLOBAL

Law Office Website Redesign with NADA GLOBAL - NADA GLOBAL

Law Office Website Redesign with NADA GLOBAL – NADA GLOBAL

There are over one million law offices in the United States. Are you sure you’re doing enough to make your practice stand out on the Internet?

At NADA GLOBAL our custom website redesign package will enable your law offices to create a powerful exclusive online presence which is unique, dynamic and most importantly effective. Our proven results can ensure leads, and improve SEO, getting your website to rank high and increase exposure online.

Working with such a wide variety of businesses has helped us to really see from a clear vantage point what’s necessary for different industries. When it comes to law office website redesign we know how to tailor to your needs as well as current digital marketing trends—all while staying true to and respecting your business. We love clean, modern, sophisticated, and elegant design that respects lawyers and upholds the dignity of your profession.

Producing Leads: Proven Results with NADA GLOBAL

Want a virtual rainmaker? Websites for law offices typically have no design or page restrictions, which means your websites potential to increase your practice’s growth trajectory knows no bounds.

NADA GLOBAL specializes in website design and redesign, Internet marketing and SEO for attorneys and lawyers. Our entire team understands the unique needs of the online legal community and our track record for succeeding in our mission to help you produce leads is off the charts!

We serve clients all over the United States and all of our custom websites can include things like: unlimited pages, mobile applications, click through rates (CTR), maintenance, content management, email, domain names, and so much more. Most importantly, with our Internet marketing programs, we can get you ranked high in search results.

Our SEO marketing program, allows our clients to rank in the top results for their keywords. Top “search rankings” equal more leads, bringing in several new inquiries each day.

We are thrilled with our recent law office website redesign for Greenberg & Stein which has really surpassed our expectations. In just the first quarter alone we:

  • Increased Traffic by 193% year on year
  • Increased New Users by 187%
  • Page Views Up by 152%
  • Session Duration is up 10%
  • CTR (Click Through Rate) of 9.60% 
  • Mobile: 260% increase due to converting to a responsive design.
  • Est increase: 336%
  • Received Over 77 Direct Traffic Calls
  • 10 New Cases In March, (8 internet related)

Law Office Website Redesign: Branding Digital Redesign

Believe it or not you can build trust with clients through your law office brand. Your website needs to be the striking visual design that first draws one’s attention to your law firm.

A law office brand is much more than just the name of your firm and the logo that represents you—there are many elements to the communication of a successful brand. These days a brand tells target audiences what they should expect from its services as well as how those services will be delivered. Reaching audiences means a social media campaign in addition to mobile access.

Accept it, the “mobile era” is here and having a website that displays well across the myriad of handheld devices is something that every law office absolutely must consider. At NADA GLOBAL we can build your practice a responsive mobile website from scratch, or build a companion mobile version of your existing website as part of our redesign process.

Branding and digital redesign are not relegated to websites. NADA GLOBAL can handle just about any graphic design project you can send our way, including:

  • custom logos
  • business cards
  • stationery
  • postcard mailings
  • law firm announcements
  • brochures
  • bar journal ads
  • social media representation
  • more!

NADA GLOBAL For Law Office Website Redesign

NADA GLOBAL is here for you to help you jumpstart an out-of-date website, re-energize your practice and hit the “refresh” button for your online presence. If your law office website is stale or you want to move to one of the many new platforms, we can offer you professional web design services that will save you time and money.

Positive results mean happy clients! Whether you need a new website, campaign or internet marketing program, we can assist with SEO, PPC, social media, newsletters, bringing in new clients and much more. Attorneys, lawyers and law firms trust their law firm website redesign projects to NADA GLOBAL and can depend on eye-catching, modern designs, coupled with our stellar customer service and drama-free business practices.

We know how to design and code clean, search engine-friendly websites and believe in making the attorney website design process a rewarding one for our clients. We offer a comprehensive website redesign package for law offices, so contact us today to find a right plan for your law firm.

To learn more about our services contact us with any of your questions and to set up a consultation on our office line, 949-485-6575, or email us.

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