26 June

Now Is The Time For Non-profit Website Redesign

Now Is The Time For Non-profit Website Redesign - NADA GLOBAL

Now Is The Time For Non-profit Website Redesign – NADA GLOBAL

At NADA GLOBAL we know a strong website is the foundation of any successful digital campaign and that redesigning non-profit websites can be a mind-boggling endeavor.

However, now is the time to jump on non-profit website redesign, as successful nonprofits require a substantial digital presence well before the big holiday giving push period in the fall!

Now you can raise more money and build more support for your non-profit with NADA GLOBAL’s custom website redesign. We can make sure your website is serving up the freshest content and has a lot of useful, focused interior pages and represents your brand.

NADA GLOBAL is aiming to create transcending nonprofit website redesign, with distinction and honor. We can help bring awareness to your cause, establish engagement with your membership and do things such as:

  • Build a direct fundraising channel.
  • Donate buttons that are easy to use, and will translate into more donations.
  • Email sign-up’s for spreading awareness and recruiting volunteers.
  • Social media focal points to make sure you benefit from more exposure in social media.
  • Create buzz with any media coverage and testimonial pages.

NADA GLOBAL For The Newest In Non-profit Website Redesign

Are you reaching the people you most want to reach? In our experience non-profit website design has previously been lacking in specificity.

Being specific is important right from the get-go. Having a clear, straightforward and enticing mission statement is essential for helping visitors to your website understand the ultimate value your nonprofit brings.

In addition to navigating your website, a redesign can mean website beautification, creating meaningful eye candy without losing the most current upgrades in functionality.  

If you want your nonprofit to stand out among the rest, your homepage represents your brand/organization, and in most cases is the first introduction to your brand for people who search for your organization by name or navigate directly to your URL. So, it really needs to pack a powerful punch.

However interior pages on the website are just as important and need to be much more focused on unique aspects of your nonprofit’s mission. Interior pages show up in search engine results more, and are most likely to get a user to take an action, such as “donating” or “joining a fundraiser.”

NADA GLOBAL Clients: Our Amazing Non-Profit Projects

UNSEEN: Web & Mobile Website Design

Unseen was born in 2011. With a passion to use their artistic talents and fight human trafficking, co-founders Than Baardson and Tanya Martineau gathered a board of directors and began working. A whirlwind trip through Southeast Asia to four countries over 21 days led to a lot of lessons learned and a clear confirmation of the need for Unseen’s model.

Lovin’ Spoonfuls: Branding, Web & Print

Lovin’ Spoonfuls is one of our long-term clients so we were so excited when they approached us and wanted to expand their brand to create a new EPK site to showcase the advantages of donating to them and the impact they have had on the greater Boston area. We got right to it and approached this project with layouts, wireframes and developed content so each part could be a clear graphical representation of what they were trying to convey. The end result was a vibrant, clear, user-friendly, responsive website that is just as edible as their original.

Table To Table: Responsive web, Donation/Event system, Custom shopping Cart

When Table to Table came to us needing a website redesign and FAST we were eager to take on the challenge. Their current site had lots of great information but needed a stronger presence and a hipper vibe. At NADA we love nothing more than working with clients whose mission is to truly help others—especially non-profits—so ideas for this site came to us with great ease and gratification.

Find out more about our nonprofit clients.

NADA GLOBAL For Your Non-profit Website Redesign

Every nonprofit website is different and unique. However, our proven non-profit website redesign methodology delivers quality results time and again. NADA GLOBAL is here to help keep your website redesign on track.

We create high-quality custom websites for non-profit organizations with an experienced eye for global change. We believe in elevating nonprofits to do more by giving them the best nonprofit website redesigns so they can spark even greater change. NADA GLOBAL will design a vibrant and visually cohesive nonprofit website so that you can engage your donors, build support, and generate positive change in the world.

Contact us today about redesigning your non-profit website.

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