23 February

From Clicks To Clients: Law Firm Website Redesign With NADA GLOBAL

From Clicks To Clients: Law Firm Website Redesign With NADA GLOBAL - NADA GLOBAL

From Clicks To Clients: Law Firm Website Redesign With NADA GLOBAL – NADA GLOBAL

At NADA GLOBAL we know every kind of business is a “brand” and there’s no better way to boost your brand than with that spark of new energy that comes with website redesign.

From inspirational landing pages that continue to convert clicks to clients to call tracking and top-of-page SEO, our innovative team specializes in law firm website design, redesign, content writing and revamped marketing plans. Website redesigns with NADA GLOBAL can mean making functional modifications to help your website work better and improve rankings, or design and visual enhancements that are so engaging they generate hundreds of impressions and new cases.  

For many years businesses have trusted NADA GLOBAL with their law firm website redesign because of our creativity and attention to detail, no-nonsense best business practices, personalized customer service and design that represents the dignity of the legal community.

A current and dazzling web presence is absolutely mandatory to compete with other law firms, one that highlights not only your ability and experience, but your successes as well.

Your competitors are consistently making changes and revamping their website which ends up pushing you further down in searches. This means if you haven’t done anything to your website in a while, it’s more than likely time to let NADA GLOBAL do your website redesign.  

Law Firm Website Redesign: Function And Form

Lawyers and attorneys are not the only ones who practice due diligence! When a new referral gets your card or name the first thing they will do is research you and your firm. This is why when it comes to redesign, website functionality and form is a paramount focus for us.

There are five key areas for you to consider when approaching redesign to ensure your law firm website is effectively reaching potential and current clients, while complying within attorney ethics, rules and guidelines:

  • Flawlessly Mobile Responsive Design: Your law firm website redesign must include a fluid and responsive design layout that works across all mobile platforms. You want to ensure users who are on-the-go can retrieve information about a specific attorney, practice specialty area or even “click-here-to-call” the firm.

Mobile friendly responsive design has many benefits for a law firm. It shows that your firm is on the cutting edge when it comes to technology and therefore probably in all areas. It’s also good for SEO, as Google’s algorithm favors mobile-optimized sites.

NADA GLOBAL website design layouts are built on a flawless grid that allows your website to adapt to all mobile devices providing your visitors a consistent experience from anywhere.

  • Current Content Is King! When clients look at your website, they want to know that your content is current. If you have a footer on your website for circa 2010 you will undoubtedly be losing business.

Increasing the amount of current content you have on your site is beneficial in many ways when doing a website redesign. Your content is going to convince clients of your expertise. This is part of your marketing tools—and a big one! Not only will you highlight your biggest and latest achievements, contributions to the legal community, sell your attorneys’ specific skills, and educate your clients on why they should choose your firm, but with professional content writing and marketing you are going to captivate and retain more clients.

NADA GLOBAL offers successful content writers who create content that can be read and understood by all potential clients. Many law firm websites include primarily the jargon and language used every day by a practicing attorney. However, this does not represent the majority of your clients!

Our seasoned team of writers create and distribute valuable and relevant content such as web pages and blogs that pepper practices and their pages with a fresh look and a big boost!

  • Be Found With SEO: It doesn’t matter if your law firm website visually looks great and up-to-date if your clients may not be able to find you. Your firm should be in the top five results on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques ensure your website appears more prominently in search engine results.

The point of your website redesign is to attract more clients. One of the best ways to do this is by knowing your target audience. You can appeal to your target audience even better if you speak their language. In some cases, this may include creating complimentary web pages in a completely different language. SEO with NADA GLOBAL will help with this.

  • Unique Images And Graphics: When it comes to law firm website redesign you want a professional tone but not a carbon copy of every other law firm out there. When doing searches for law firms, clients want to feel confident of your professionalism and abilities but easily tire of the same old boring gavel and courtroom images.

Building a beautiful custom website entails everything from color, theme and placement to using unique photos of attorneys in action and easily read graphics and charts. It takes a carefully crafted eye to discern what works well specifically for law firm websites and the NADA GLOBAL design team can work wonders!

  • Testimonials=Wins: This last area to consider in law firm website redesign is by no mean the least important. If a law firm’s success in bringing in new clients hinges on previous wins, there is nothing quite like the well-placed testimonial.

Testimonials are not a new marketing tactic, but they pack a powerful punch. Referrals and word-of-mouth speak volumes about your firm and your brand. Testimonials shed light on the personality, credibility and trustworthiness of your law firm. You can even ask clients to leave positive reviews on Google business pages for an extra boost in your local SEO ranking. Winning!

Law Firm Website Redesign With NADA GLOBAL

Does your law firm have a website that’s in need of a redesign? If you keep on doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result. It’s so simple, but that’s why it hits home for most people. If you aren’t getting the results you want from your law firm website, it’s time to redesign it, and probably with somebody new.

For one of our most recent redesign clients, Greenberg & Stein, we made some incredible improvements. We did:

  • Website redesign & development
  • Image acquisition
  • Content development
  • Full organic SEO services
  • English & Spanish Digital Marketing
  • Call Tracking
  • Responsive
  • Live Chat
  • Bi-weekly and monthly reporting and analytics 
  • Grew site by over 50%
  • Generated hundreds of clicks per month
  • Generated hundreds of thousands of impressions
  • Generated about 9-12 cases per month

It’s a lot! We know. But don’t worry if your mind is reeling from redesign options, just take a deep breath and relax, because NADA GLOBAL has got your back(end)…and your front! Seriously, it’s actually really quite simple—your law firm website was created to bring you business, right? If it’s not doing that as well as it should be, then it’s time to let the professional website team at NADA GLOBAL work our website magic and turn even more clicks, into even more clients.

Want to find out the top five reasons to be motivated about website redesign with NADA GLOBAL? Read this blog post.

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