Our Mission

Our Mission: Design for Change.

Inspired by our mission Design for Change, NADA GLOBAL has taken things to another level and created a program called NADA GIVES. In the past, NADA has found it extremely vital to give to the charities we believe are truly making a difference in our world.

Modeled by our passion for helping those in need, NADA GIVES is committed to donating to seven designated charities throughout the year. By creating this program, we are not only designing for change, but we are doing a small part to make the lives of people around the world a tiny bit better. We have so much, let us give to those who do not.

Design for Change. Yes that’s our mission, and yes it means we donate money and time, but this also means so much more to us. We not only want to create beautiful brands and websites but beautiful people inside and out. As we are, we want people to be healthy, happy and have a spiritually fit mind & body, something we all experience over here. We are all spiritual, we run, exercise, surf, bike, eat healthy and we feel that this is the cornerstone to a happy life. We get inspired through testimonials, tidbits, recipes, activities and exercises to help share what works in our life and make Design for Change a Design for Life & part of yours!

Here are our seven designated charities