Who We Are

How it began

NADA GLOBAL started like many new businesses do… with an idea. From 2002 to November of 2004, the business plan was laid out, on a napkin, to create a unique agency that would be hard for companies to overlook. On November 2, 2004, the doors of NADA GLOBAL opened in St. Paul, MN to then expand to Laguna Beach, CA.

From the beginning, there was a vision that turned creativity, business experience and passion for great service into tangible results for clients. Eating mac and cheese and getting rid of digital cable were just some of the sacrifices initially endured to build NADA GLOBAL, a never-heard-of advertising agency into what it has become today. Knowing that with fresh ideas and lots of energy, we could integrate new elements of design and strategy into the companies we work for. Our goal is to become partners with those companies, to help grow their business and become more successful together.

It wasn’t long into the new adventure that more support was needed. First a designer was brought on to take concepts to the next level and improve the level of inspiration behind each and every idea. Then a programmer was next to keep ahead of the curve on website technology and efficiency. Next was a sales rep, then a writer, photographer, and so it began…

Looking back to those early days of one shared email address, double sided business card and one phone line – it’s the American dream to see where NADA GLOBAL is today. Years later, with a very powerful and creative team, we have become a smooth, well-oiled creative machine with no red tape and lots of incredible results.

Come experience the NADA difference!