29 June
Seriously: What Do People Do All Day? Introducing Claire DeBerg, NADA GLOBAL Director of Communications & SEO Manager

Seriously: What Do People Do All Day?


Introducing Claire DeBerg, NADA GLOBAL Director of Communications & SEO Manager

Seriously: What Do People Do All Day? Introducing Claire DeBerg, NADA GLOBAL Director of Communications & SEO Manager

Seriously: What Do People Do All Day? Introducing Claire DeBerg, NADA GLOBAL Director of Communications & SEO Manager

There’s a children’s book by Richard Scarry titled, What Do People Do All Day? I have read this book to my two humans countless times. I’d highly recommend it. Spoiler alert: you’ll learn what people have to do to fly us around the world, grow our food, help us wake up, keep us safe, etc.

I’ve also asked myself that proverbial question countless times: what do people do all day? No seriously: what in the world are people doing all the live-long day? You may be wondering the same thing this very minute of your neighbor, barista, sister-in-law, son, that one guy and those bikers.

I’ll solve a little of the mystery of the goings on of one person: me. As Director of Communications and SEO Manager for NADA GLOBAL my days are full and varied. And awesome. And fun. And work!

To give you an idea of what I do all day for you, our current and future amazing clients, I’ve created a little day-in-the-life kind of list so you can follow along: Continue reading

16 July

Orange County Promotional Printing – Stop Handing Out Business Junk

Orange County Promotional Printing

orange county promotional printing

When I was a kid my dad owned his own business. His business model was relatively simple. He bought, refurbished, and then resold telephone systems, the kind used by medium to large businesses, hospitals, churches, etc. The name of his business was The Telephone Exchange. Pretty clever name as it was a play on words referring to the olden days when you had to hand crank the telephone to connect to the local exchange switchboard operator to place a phone call. If you still don’t know what I am talking about watch the classic television show Lassie. You’ll see an example of that antiquated form of social communication in just about every episode; along with each character’s uncanny ability to translate dog barks into actual life saving instructions. But I digress.

One of the memories I have from my father’s business was that he would order black promotional pens that had his company’s name printed on them. These pens were all over the house. Funny thing was these pens weren’t necessarily anything special, but they were trustworthy, as opposed to the seemingly inkless name brand pens sitting next to them in the drawer. Now honestly, there’s really no way to know how much actual business these pens brought my dad, maybe none. But one thing I do know is that I started to see these pens everywhere…friend’s houses, extended family’s houses, local businesses, in the pews at church, people’s cars…these things got around.

Promotional Printing and Brand Marketing

Promotional printing is meant to help disseminate your name, brand, product line, and/or business to the world around you using common items that people use everyday. It keeps you in the hands and minds of your customers and future customers. Where many businesses fail at this, specifically businesses less experienced in marketing, is not understanding how to make the most of promotional printing. For instance, unless you are a local, national or world-renowned company, simply sticking your unfamiliar logo on a pen isn’t enough. Just like in branding your promotional items need to have enough information to draw people to want to know more. You want people to be intrigued enough to investigate. This is what gets people in.

The common thought is that if a customer doesn’t investigate, look into and/or engage your brand within the first 72 hours of learning about it, they usually will not remember you or maintain ongoing interest. This is where promotional products can help. These products market your company. But don’t go overboard. It is not good marketing to flood these items with tons of information other than basic company and contact information. A good place to start would be to include your branding, your name, and your phone number/website. It also may be useful to include a short tagline that helps people identify with your brand.

Quality, Not Quantity. Get Rid of the Junk!

Color and material selection is also very important. When creating and designing tangible marketing materials, it is wise to think about how to keep these items useful to those who will be receiving them. Ever go to a trade show, conference, community happening or similar event where businesses are marketing themselves? Ever leave with a big orange foam key ring that you immediately throw away on the way out, a bright neon green shirt you’ll never wear, a cheap water bottle that leaks, a pen that doesn’t work? We all have, and it’s annoying. I love free stuff, but I don’t like junk.

What’s interesting, at least for me, is I tend to directly link the quality of the business to the quality of the promotional materials they give out. Obviously that’s not always the case, but it doesn’t help when people have something with their name on it that’s essentially just trash. I recently received a very well designed, high quality water bottle to use. It was a promotional item that has a clear tube style bottle with white end caps and a very clean, crisp lettering of the name of the company in a sleek black font. The functionality of the bottle exceeds the ones you would buy in a store. The design of the bottle makes you proud to have it in your water bottle arsenal. It’s different, well made and well designed. I’m proud to own it, and use it, and I am keeping it. But this is the goal. Hand out something that people will be proud to use, not something they can’t wait to throw away once out of your sight.

NADA GLOBAL is Your Source for Orange County Promotional Printing

At NADA GLOBAL we can assist you with all of your promotional printing needs from start to finish. From branding, font selection, content development, color schemes, unique designs, and smart marketing strategies, we can help you develop promotional ideas that are tangible and useful to your clients and potential customers. Don’t’ think that just anything goes and that this type of marketing doesn’t really matter…everything you put your name on is a reflection of you. Like my dad and his pens, whatever you hand out, make people want to keep it.

19 June

Find the Right Fit with an Orange County Advertising Agency

Orange County Advertising Agency: What’s Important?

Orange County Advertising Agency

Oh the choices! Oh the decisions! Which agency should I choose? How much should I spend? Am I getting ripped off? Are they listening to me? Do they see my vision? Do I even know what I want? Do I even know who I AM ANYMORE!?

Okay, maybe a little dramatic, but these are some of the natural questions that arise when trying to choose the best advertising direction for your brand, product or company. There is a lot to think about and it can be very overwhelming to a business owner who already has a lot going. But here’s a reality check: it is extremely important not only to get it right, but to get it right to the point that it yields quality results.

The tricky part is that one “simple” Google search for an Orange County advertising agency will fill your search results with more confusion. Agencies who pay Google to show up at the top of the results page make you think that those companies are the best choice – but they may not be. Local agency results show up next, which can be very enticing but again may not be right for you. So how do you know? How do you filter through all the choices to find the right agency? Well that answer lies in identifying what type of agency might be the best fit for your company.

Like in any industry, there are a myriad of different size companies that do the same type of work and to different degrees. But it’s important to remember that small doesn’t mean bad or insufficient and big doesn’t mean good or efficient. Like in any relationship, business or otherwise, it’s best to find a partner who you can connect with on as many levels as possible. Unfortunately this is where the work and research comes in.

Not being the right fit is okay. Business relationships shouldn’t be forced. Ideally, they should be complementary. Rather than play power games or try to force a relationship just because it’s easier than doing your due diligence, it’s better to look someone in the eye and say “Look, I appreciate your time and consideration, but we aren’t the right fit.” The agency you choose not only needs to know you well, but also needs to have an attitude that will champion you. This, in addition to having the capacity to handle your needs, is a big step forward in identifying the right agency for you.

This is something that you must remember when taking meetings with prospective agencies. Is there a natural connection with the people who will be working on my account? Are they really listening to me? Do they understand? Based on their past work does it look like they can help? Of course it’s never going to be a perfect relationship. However, these are the intangible factors that make the difference in whether or not you will have a positive experience and successful branding and marketing strategy.

Now This Is How We Roll

NADA GLOBAL is an Orange County advertising agency, and our development process is streamlined and geared towards executing with accuracy, efficiency and quality while keeping the timeline in mind.  All projects follow this creative process.

We will have a creative consultation with you to understand YOU, the details of your business, your target audience, short-term and long-term goals, difficulties, and needs.

Our team will work collectively using the information gathered at the creative consultation to design a set of creative options that fit with the direction of your business.

Once we are confident that TOGETHER we have achieved the creative objective, we will present the strategy concepts for review.

Following your approval, we will commence with the development process and execute the plan.

Once we have completed all revisions requested we will request final approval and will make the necessary adjustments for the world to see. Congratulations, we have effectively creating a marketing strategy that is tuned into the heart of your business. We won’t rip you off. We will listen to you. We will see your vision and work together to achieve the quality business-driven results you want.

The best part about us is our people. We genuinely care and intentionally focus in to you as a team. We value each other’s input and work together for the good of the whole. Come visit us and be valued.

27 April

Orange County Logo Design – Branding Your Logo

Is there a difference between creating a logo and branding?

Orange County Logo Design

NADA GLOBAL provides in-depth services for both. Branding can be far more expansive and generally attempts to give a bigger overview of the feel of the company or product as a whole. It can include the logo, font design, color palette, website, etc. But it gives consumers a stronger idea of the company voice, company taglines, company culture, product line specifics and the overall aura. The right branding can give you a major edge in your industry. A logo is more of an identifier. Its primary purpose is not to tell the story of your company. Its goal is to emblazon the image of your company or product into public recognition. A logo is a big part of the branding process.

Let’s consider the logo for Coca-Cola. Without showing you a picture of the logo, you can already envision it. This is because the company has been around forever, but also because their marketing campaigns are built around their familiar red and white cursive logo. Their universal logo comes out of their universal branding. Now, Coca-Cola doesn’t need to continually market and sell consumers on why they should purchase or drink Coke. All they need to do is remind consumers that Coke is still their favorite drink.

You Need More Than Just A Logo

A big mistake that small businesses and start-ups make is thinking that developing a logo is all that is needed to effectively market their business. The problem is that a logo, even if it’s dynamic, rarely is capable of telling consumers the larger story of your business or product. It alone doesn’t draw deeper interest. People see the logo and really are only “called to action” if they are able to recognize and relate to the branded product or company with which it is associated.

A great example of this is Apple. When someone sees the Apple logo, they immediately think of the brand and the company as a whole. Then they have a good feeling or a bad feeling. If they have a good feeling, chances are they will be repeat customers. Marketing your business is all about building your reputation. Logos catch the eye and branding captures the heart.

NADA GLOBAL and Orange County Logo Design

As previously stated, NADA GLOBAL is an Orange County logo design and branding business. Along with our many other services, we provides the best logo design and branding to our clients. We have a team of very intelligent and creative people that bring many different perspectives, working in harmony to build the best brand for your company. Out of that, our amazingly talented graphic designers and writers design your logo and tell your story.

In Orange County, and specifically in Laguna Beach, there are a lot of established small businesses that have been around for a long time. There are also many start-ups and “mom & pop” shops. If you own a business in Orange County it is important to know what type of advertising strategies are available to you. It is important to know that having a logo is key, but not enough. In this area with many competitive businesses, understand that a strong logo sustains recognition, and branding is the vehicle to get you there.

Contact us today to learn about our many services, and how we can get you started on your logo design.

08 April

NADA GLOBAL Laguna Beach – New Beginnings

NADA Global Laguna BeachIt’s cliché but NADA GLOBAL Laguna Beach is Starting Anew in Spring

Every year spring is born and everyone starts talking about new beginnings, rebirths, renewals, fresh starts, etc. All the ad wizards out there have a field day this time of year using these cliché’s in their marketing campaigns. You can almost start to see it coming year to year. It’s not anything new, but it works.

In With the New

Some of the recent changes at NADA GLOBAL Laguna Beach are the new additions to the NADA team. NADA has started to shift as business continues to grow, which requires changes and adjustments in staffing and the future positioning of the brand. Enter myself, Melanie de Arakal, and Stefanie Williams-Goldberg as Creative Writer/Idea Strategist, SEO/Social Media Manager, and Strategic Marketing Director, respectively.

At NADA we are, and always have been, a full-service advertising firm. The addition of our new team members strengthens what has already existed, and also provides a larger reach and differentiation of skill, experience, and perspective.

New Ideas for an Expanding Business

This expansion has allowed us at NADA GLOBAL to fully develop and dive deeper into new areas such as business development, social media, and market expansion. We are offering services that are crucial to the development and growth of any company. We are taking the skills we have mastered, and using them to develop the skills we are still learning about in order to provide out clients with the best services for their needs. Because of these changes, we have already seen a significant growth in business and expanded our regional reach in the first quarter. Continuing this upward trend will make for a great 2015.

We pride ourselves in developing one-on-one connections with our clients. We become a part of their team as they become a part of ours. For all of our clients we think of ourselves as their “in-house” agency. So whether you need to change your branding campaign or want creative and result-driven assistance helping in all aspects of starting your new business, we want to help empower all of your “new beginnings”. Contact us today!

19 March

March Madness and SEO Madness – Why You Should Bet on SEO

It’s the middle of March.

To most people that means that the Easter celebration, the spring season, and a welcomed change in weather are upon us. To others, simply hearing the word March triggers one thought – the NCAA college basketball tournament.

This sports tournament is one of the most famous and followed sporting events in the world. According to The Fiscal Times, nearly 40 million Americans will fill out “March Madness” brackets this year and a total of $9 billion dollars worth of bets will be placed. Technically there isn’t a tourist “off-season” in Las Vegas, although, it certainly does slow down from October through April. However, when mid-March comes along…it’s packed. People flock from all over to sit in Sportsbooks and watch the tournament. I’ve never done it, but I think it’d be a blast…at least once in my life.

SEO MadnessThe reason why the tournament is dubbed “March Madness” is simple. Each team in the tournament is ranked based on their win-loss totals and the strength of their schedule. To the left is a sample bracket from the tournament some year in the past. Many sports websites, like Fox, CBS, ESPN, etc. have their own version with advertisements on them, but this one is generic.

What makes March Madness “mad” is that this tournament is comprised of single elimination games. This means that upsets are common. On any given night, the 12 seed can beat the 4 seed, or the 7 seed can beat the 2 seed. This year the Kentucky Wildcats are ranked #1 with a perfect 34-0 record. Many people will bet that Kentucky will win the whole tournament and more will bet that they at least will make it to the Final Four. In the end, for each team, it’s all about where they land in the rankings. Sure everyone must win to stay alive, but where they are ranked, and whom they are ranked around can make or break their chances to play far into the tournament, or better, to win it all.

SEO Madness

SEO madness is also built around rankings. Most importantly it’s a strategy, and your success with it depends on how well you set yourself up to win. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially it is when search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. compile information from websites so that when you search for something online, the information compiled can produce the best results – focusing on what it was you were specifically searching.

If you own/run a website, search results are extremely important to you. When your pages have higher rankings, it helps more people find you. The key to higher rankings is making sure that your website has the right components that search engines need in order to recognize your site. This can include:

  • Words
  • Titles
  • Links
  • Word in Links
  • Reputation


According to the website, “Search Engine Land”, search engines account for every word of the web. So if you sell “mini red, white and blue basketballs”, for instance, search engines will narrow the results to pages that are only about those words.


Secondly, search engines also account for every website’s page title. We often don’t see a page’s title because it is buried in the code, but search engines see them. Like a book title, page titles often summarize the page allowing the search engine to recognize it faster.


Third, links between websites matter. When one web page links to another, it’s usually a recommendation. A website that has a lot of trustworthy links pointing to it looks really good to search engines. In addition, the specific words that are used in links matter. If your webpage says, “NCAA tournament bracket” and the word “bracket” is linked to the NCAA.com, search engines will determine that NCAA.com is related to the word “bracket”. This way, when someone searches for “bracket”, that site will rank well.


Finally, search engines care about reputation. Sites with consistently fresh, trustworthy and engaging content with quality links are considered winning sites that rise up the search engine rankings. Winning at SEO means making sure that your website has content that carries this basic strategy.

When simplified, SEO at its base is not a very hard concept. However, it can be vital to how fast a company/website grows. Just like the 68 teams that will compete in the single elimination NCAA tournament this year have all worked, positioned, strategized and performed to get where they are in the rankings, the same is true for SEO madness.

NADA GLOBAL provides a full service SEO package that will help your site rise in the search engine rankings. Get noticed and win. We’ll provide the assist.

23 February

The Sport of Responsive Web Design

I’ll admit – I occasionally listen to sports talk radio. It’s not the most intriguing form of entertainment but it can be entertaining nonetheless. This past week I was listening to sports talk while I was driving home and on this particular broadcast they were not talking about sports.

The two hosts were discussing their feelings about new technology and how, because of their difference in age, it made an impact on how they view and use it. One of the hosts was of the millennial generation and the other host said that he was born in 1980. However, even with as small as a 10-year generation gap between him and his colleague, he felt more connected to older technology and somewhat overwhelmed with the fast paced changes the world of new technology can bring. In contrast, the younger “millennial” host spoke of how he was very familiar with the most up-to-date communication and information technologies and chomps at the bit for the latest and greatest upgrades.

I thought this was an interesting exchange because these two hosts, again who were only 10 years apart, seemed to have very different feelings about the progress of technology. I am reminded of this exchange as I consider how responsive web design is making an impact on society and why it’s important in this day and age.

For those unfamiliar with the term responsive web design, let me paint a picture. Someone needs a website (for a business or otherwise), they contact a web designer to build them a site. Once that site is completed and launched anyone with web access can visit the site. In days of old, this site would only optimally be seen on a desktop or laptop computer. Today, that’s not the case. It is becoming more common for people to access information, entertainment, schedules, projects, finances, etc. on more than just a computer. Sites are accessed through smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops and even through video game consoles, Blu-ray players or “smart” televisions. The challenge is that all of the many types of devices prevalent today contain many different types of processors, memory capacities, and screen sizes.

The website that was built, most likely on a desktop, is also best experienced by the user on a desktop or laptop. However, the use of mobile devices to surf the web is increasing at a break-neck speed. But still much of the web isn’t optimized for use on a mobile device. The reason is that each type of mobile device has a different display size which affects how a website is laid out on that particular screen. Responsive web design is an approach aimed at crafting web sites so that they are viewable and interactive using all different types of devices. Responsive designed websites respond to their environment. They possess a more fluid design so that the content on the website automatically adjusts to fit and maintain interactivity and a quality experience while using any size screen.

Some developers still unfamiliar with this technology might be wondering how this works. While I am no expert developer, there’s a couple of interesting and forward thinking development practices that I’d like to point out. Many designers and developers are using an open source library called Bootstrap. According to its website, “Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. It’s made for developers of all skill levels and makes front-end web development faster and easier.”

Bootstrap technology is built on what is called a responsive grid system. This design offers so many different options for how a webpage is laid out and reacts. The idea is that the website sets its content into grids on the page. These grids can then be formatted in any number of ways and can react to each other so that the page responds to all different formats and screen sizes. This grid system design allows the webpage to: have any number of columns, scale to any width, suit the content, enable fast and easy design, and plug in well with existing HTML and CSS.

Why does all of this matter to you or me? Well, I am big fan of the NBA. While following my favorite team, I don’t just use a computer to read articles, watch videos, get the latest trade news, or even watch an actual broadcast of a game. I have found myself using my laptop, my tablet and my smartphone. When I first started accessing the multiple sports sites that I use to follow my team, I noticed that the layout of the sites varied greatly when I would use my phone or tablet to access them. This was extremely annoying to me, not only because of the inconsistent design between the two versions of the site, but also because some of the content wasn’t capable of being displayed on my mobile device. Before responsive web design, websites would have two designs; the “full” site accessed through a computer and a mobile site that seemed like the “lite” version. Today, this isn’t the case as one site can now be built for both desktop and mobile viewing. Thankfully now I can stay current with my team’s information using any of my devices because those sites have all been upgraded with responsive web design.

Now let’s get a little more practical. As I touched on above, more and more people are using mobile devices for such things as banking and bill pay, shopping and money transfers, news and entertainment. If you are the one putting out the content on those sites, or advertising on those sites, the last thing you want is the consumer to not engage with your content or advertisement because the site does not work on their mobile device. Frankly put, sites without responsive web design run a larger risk of losing their audience than of building one. Like the older sports talk radio host above, it’s okay to cherish older technology as long as it’s understood that technology and the way we use it only moves forward. Our goal as advertisers in this technological age is to make a connection with the audience and consumer. But we need to be where the audience is, and mobile accessibility is where they are.

Responsive Design Infographic