05 December

NADA GLOBAL Orange County App Development


NADA GLOBAL is perfectly placed in Orange County for this decades blossoming techno boom and we’re App your service! We are here to bring you the top of the line in orange county app development.

There is no longer a question about whether mobile marketing is important, we know it is! The next step is how to incorporate Apps into our design agency plan as yet another smart marketing tactic and consumer tool. Since we know a thing or two about branding, websites, and user acquisition, our goal for 2016 is to create highly polished smartphone apps for startups and enterprise clients.

Tech-Tonic Shift: Orange County App Development

There’s been a shift in the foundation of consumer technology: advances in technology for the information world has made readily available Apps a necessary part of the framework for most businesses. There’s also been a literal shift- or physical move, from silicone valley to silicon beach. Even Google is joining a herd of tech notables in expanding boundaries to the Los Angeles area- specifically Orange County. The reality that L.A.’s tech scene is taking off faster than anyone could have imagined a decade ago is great for us. Having headquarters in Orange County California places NADA GLOBAL at the epicenter for the tech-tonic shift that’s taking place in the App world and we are all about keeping ahead of the competition. The area just south of Venice has it all and it seems that El Segundo and Playa Vista-home to Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft and soon Yahoo and a Google campus- are key to Silicon Beach’s next phase of growth. It is more affordable than Santa Monica and the Bay Area, and has space to grow and is right next to the airport.

The tech-shift as far as advertising and marketing is concerned lies in keeping ahead of the competition and growing revenue by going mobile. For reviewers of technology trends there was even a huge prediction back in 2008:”Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014″.

So where’s this shift taking place? Well, let’s start with this: Continue reading

31 August

Mobile Technology

Trends can either be fads, short-lived crazes, or developments with lasting impacts. Take cellphones and their super-charged relatives smartphones. From telecommunications to the internet and work habits, smartphones have taken over in a few short years and changed many aspects of daily life. At this point it’s safe to say that they’re no fad, and the transition toward mobile technology and accessibility is a permanent shift.

Pew Research Internet Project statistics reveal the ubiquity of mobile technology and the potential of its power.

For American adults as of January 2014:

  • 90% have a cellphone
  • 58% have a smartphone
  • 32% own an e-reader
  • 42% own a tablet device

May 2013 Pew Research findings showed that 63% of adult cellphone owners used their phones to go online. It also revealed the percent of adult cellphone owners engaging in other phone activities:

  • 52% – email
  • 50% – app downloads
  • 49% – location-based information and recommendations
  • 48% – music
  • 21% – video call or chat
  • 8% – “check-in” and share location

Interestingly, over a third of cellphone internet users said they mainly access the web via their phones versus another device, like a desktop computer.

2014 mobile stats from Search Engine Journal:

  • Americans spent an average 2 hours a day on a mobile device.
  • One in four web searches is done on a mobile device.
  • Over half of mobile users won’t recommend a company with a poor mobile site.

Impact of Mobile

In changing how – and how often – people access the internet, smartphones have also changed business and marketing.

Apps & Social Media

Not just for games, apps enable smartphone uses to access favorite desktop sites more easily as the content is optimized for mobile use. Companies with mobile apps include the NFL, The New York Times, and social media giant Facebook.

Responsive Web Design

A site that’s easily readable on any device is important as mobile searches continue to increase. Even though smartphones didn’t even exist that long ago, people are already demanding more of them in terms of capability and quality. They basically expect the same information, accessibility, and download speed from smartphones as from desktops. Responsive web design can meet these demands. Check out NADA’s blog about responsive web design for more information. Remember that stat about users not recommending companies with poor mobile sites? It’s one reason responsive web design will be a lasting trend and business must-have.


Social media isn’t just for keeping in touch with friends and family. Companies picked up on it to reach and engage with target customers. Social media marketing has grown with targeted and sponsored ads that pop up on both desktop and app platforms.

Mobile design is also good for SEO. SEO should be in everyone’s marketing strategy in part because Google’s algorithm takes into account sites optimized for mobile platforms. Good mobile sites get lower bounce rates, which is good for Google organic rankings.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Orange County Custom Website and Mobile Design


Orange County custom website design: Dayna Decker Mobile Site

Today’s reality is that internet presence is important even for small firms, so a great custom website is a smart investment. But, Smartphones and other mobile devices have shifted the computing paradigm: they’re here to stay – meaning mobile web design is, too.

As the power of mobile grows, investing in mobile design now will set you ahead of the curve as competitors may still be trying to catch on. NADA GLOBAL has been providing Orange County custom website design with WordPress. WordPress is an amazing website development tool. It’s an easy to use platform that’s incredibly versatile, and NADA’s team has leveraged that versatility to create custom Orange County websites that are responsive. These custom sites look great no matter the device – desktop, tablet, or smartphone, so there is no loss in quality or content. Potential clients and customers are out there, and they’re searching for answers on their smartphones. Mobile technology is not a trend that will fade, so now is the time to meet the new demand.

Check our custom WordPress websites for mobile and desktops or contact NADA GLOBAL to ask how we can help you develop a mobile web strategy.

29 July

Custom WordPress Websites

Having an online presence is nearly mandatory for any business. Don’t think so? Search engines like Google have become today’s version of the Yellow Pages, which – by the way – also has a website. People search online for everything from medical information to where to go for their next meal. Being online means being accessible: customers can find your business when they need to plus get the information they need.

Considering the importance of having a website and providing information, then just as important is a website’s appearance. It’s a company’s virtual storefront and might be the first thing people see of a business. It should make an impression while also reflecting your company.

The Power of WordPress

Building a website has gotten easier. Technology and software have advanced so that coding expertise isn’t necessary. You don’t need to be a professional developer; however, the more knowledge one has about web design and development the more powerful a site becomes. Templates are a great start, but customization will separate you from competitors, impress visitors, and give you the ability to meet customer’s needs.

One tool that’s empowered people is WordPress. Since its introduction in 2003, it’s become the go-to platform for self-hosted blogging and now for building custom websites. Part of what makes WordPress a great tool is that it’s Open Source; hundreds of people worldwide contribute to the WordPress software to make it, well, better – more flexible, user-friendly, and dynamic with pre-built themes, widgets, and plug-ins. (Read more here or here.)

Not yet convinced? WordPress powers the blogs and sites of some companies, organizations, musicians, and entertainers you may have heard of:

  • The New York Times Company
  • Time, Inc.
  • AWOLNATION (band)
  • LinkedIn blog
  • Georgia State University

That’s just to name a few.

But let’s be honest with ourselves: who has time to build their own website? WordPress is definitely user-friendly, but it still takes time to create a website to be proud of. Plus, you have a business to run, so outsourcing the job can often be the best move.

The Answer to Your Orange County Custom Web Development Needs

NADA GLOBAL has been helping small and large companies build their brands and business in Orange County and beyond through website design and development, and we’ve been able to do that using WordPress. We work with professional designers who understand the elements of website design and developers who have in-depth knowledge of both coding and WordPress. We take WordPress’s customizable platform to a new level making it work for each client’s needs – all with the right aesthetic that reflects who you are a company. We’ve built customized shopping carts and donation pages, integrated blogs and newsletters, and developed sites that are modern and responsive. If you have a unique request, we work to find a solution.

WordPress is continually progressing and updating with new design and technical features, but don’t let that worry you. Blogs and sites running on its platform are incredibly user friendly. NADA GLOBAL shows clients how to be administrators of their own sites, which means understanding how to edit content, add new webpages, upload photos, and post new blog articles.

A custom WordPress website can empower your business and take to the next level. Contact NADA GLOBAL today to discuss your Orange County web design and development needs and how our team can help.


Orange County custom web design and development –Sean Hunter Brown Photography

10 January

New Year Tech Resolutions!


It’s a new year! A fresh start. Time to clear out the old, make room for the new. Here are a few tech resolutions to help you start the year off right.

Update! Update! Update!

Keeping your computers and phones updated to the latest version is important when trying to maximize the usage and performance of all your gadgets. Today, instead of clicking “remind me later” go ahead and take some time to update all the programs that have been jumping up and down in your dock for the last month. It will not only make you feel better, but make things run smoother.

Clear out your old apps.

Feeling like your phone is cluttered? Do you find yourself constantly scrolling over apps you’ve never even opened? This month is the perfect time to delete all your old apps and take advantage of new apps or simply free up memory space. Looking for great new apps? Check out this list we found for the best apps to get you into the new year.

Put a lock on it.

Our smartphones, computers and tablets are basically the easiest/quickest way to find out everything you need to know about a person. From a simple swipe on a phone, your bank account, emails and even photographs are readily available to anyone. Take time this month to secure your devices, add those pins & lock your phones. It might seem like a nuisance to have to unlock your phone every time you need to use it, but the day your smartphone is stolen or misplaced your personal information will be safe. Take a look at these tips on how to keep your smartphone safe.

Back it up!

Having a computer crash or a smartphone wiped out can be quite devastating. We are often so busy throughout the day that backing up our files can be the last thing we want to do. This year, take the time to back everything up properly so that a wipe-out won’t leave you completely stressed out. These days, backing up our information has been made very easy for us. Whether it’s a cloud based program or an external storage system, backing up information can be done easily and you won’t ever have to risk losing all your data again.

Change your passwords!

Passwords are often hard to remember and since we do so many more things on the web these days then ever before, millions of people use the same password for every website they visit, putting them at major risk for identity theft. Take some time and change your passwords. Don’t use the same one more then once and create passwords that cannot be easily cracked. Need help coming up with the perfect password? Try this password generator.