31 May
Custom Printing: Print is NOT Dead - NADA GLOBAL

Custom Printing: Print is NOT Dead

Hear ye, Hear ye! Print Is Not Dead!

You read that right! Even though you’re reading this via a digital method of marketing, print marketing and custom printing has not expired its last dying breath. While it’s true that several marketing services have seen a sharp decline since the dawn of digital, the enduring value of print is that print is more memorable than digital and ultimately leads to better brand recall.

Last year NADA GLOBAL saw a consistent 10% of business being in custom printing. There aren’t many advertising and marketing agencies these days that are as well versed in the power of print as we are. Our clients love that we do print because we are able to communicate the brand and keep brand standards across all mediums!

The Positive Aspects Of Custom Printing: Why Print Is Not Dead

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