Design For Change: The NADA GLOBAL Design Agency in Orange County


Change is good for design. Back in 2013 we were very excited to announce a design change in our infrastructure when NADA went GLOBAL. We took things to a whole new level rebuilding from the ground up- but still keeping our feet on the ground… specifically a brand new office right next to the ocean in Laguna Beach, California. NADA GLOBAL is a full service design agency in Orange County available for top-notch Web development, Branding, Print, SEO, Responsive design, Copywriting and much more.

The NADA Global Design Agency in Orange County

As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashions fade, only style remains the same.” As a Design Agency, our presence in Orange County is part of what makes our style consistent and unique: for it would be impossible not to be influenced by the luxury surf community that surrounds us.

A natural positive outlook and an earthy, real element to our design is certainly influenced by spending our days working / creating / designing in a beautiful sun-filled office!

While a large number of our clients are in Orange County we still retain many of our original national and ever-growing client base, because while we are the manufacturers of creative content, our business model is based on relationships. Our personal strategy is what we bring to the table when it comes to showing our clients about branded relationships and consistency in the brand’s identity.

At NADA Global we believe that by working together with you we can make something intelligible, meaningful and memorable.

The quality of dutiful design is in the way it connects objects, and most of all people.

Sometimes the simplest looking designs we create are the most complicated ones! The NADA Global design style artfully incorporates aesthetics, practicality and functionality. Really our “uniqueness” comes from each and every one of you, because we don’t work for a business, we are here to be of service to people. It’s the people that make the business.

Design Process: The Right Platform

The beauty that emerges in our design process is the integration of our creative connection that actually starts with learning more about the client. We ask very specific questions about how our clients see themselves, what they stand for, who they cater to, and most significantly we try to find their voice.

There isn’t really a value in great design if it’s not on the right platform. The brand platform is a model for defining a brand identity. Some platform elements are vision or mission statements and core identity concepts- things we gather during our creative design process with you. We choose the best platforms that make you more efficient, and allow our clients to take control of their marketing.

By using a transparent design process, that gives your brand as much or as little control as you want in the design process, our design team at NADA Global becomes an extension of your company. There is no secret wizard behind the curtains; we have a strictly open curtain policy!

Remember: Responsive Web Design

Many of our Orange County clients fret about keeping up with the Olympic pace of our information-based world. At NADA Global we recognize staying one step ahead with technology is important when it comes to offering the highest quality of service. That’s why we make sure to inform our clients about growing trends and the reality of how information is provided.

For example, did you know that website development doesn’t stop when a site goes live? As technology advances, there are new things to consider. Responsive web design has been the topic of conversation for the last few years and looks to be the next standard for online marketing.

At NADA Global we recognize that keeping up with web competition also means getting the information easily accessible and available to your target audience. Once we have beautifully created and successfully launched anyone with web access can visit the site we design for you. This site would only optimally be seen on a desktop or laptop computer in years past. Today, that’s not the case. It is becoming more common for people to access information, entertainment, schedules, projects, finances, etc. on more than just a computer. Your stunning new website will be accessed primarily with smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops and even through video game consoles, Blu-ray players or “smart” televisions. All of these contain many different types of processors, memory capacities, and screen sizes. NADA Global can help you design a responsive website, one that is the same across all devices, enabling a web searcher to get the same information on a tablet or smartphone as he would on a desktop computer. The viewing experience changes without the loss of information.

At NADA GLOBAL we take pride in building websites that are not only custom in design but also in tune with the latest technology. See our kickin’ projects

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” –Walt Disney