Orange County Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Orange County Search Engine Optimization / SEO

How can I increase my ranking on Google?

One major key to the success and growth of any business, non-profit organization, humanitarian cause, public event, political campaign, or the like, is awareness.

A great deal of time and money is spent creating awareness campaigns for various causes with the hopes that it will pay off over time and spurn continued success for those causes.

Whatever your business or cause, your website plays a huge role in your awareness campaign. This means that it is crucial for your website to be outfitted with a serious degree of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) means that your site is as accessible as possible to every search engine. Therefore when potential customers type in specific search terms – terms that are also keyed in on your site – the search results will yield your site as a match. The more relevant the SEO is on your site, the higher your site will rank on the search result pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Now more customers and new visitors will find your site with greater ease. It’s all about awareness.

Orange County SEO

How do I SEO my website?

Find a Keyword

SEO is a complex idea with a rather simple execution. Every page or post on your website can be SEO’d with a keyword that matches the content. The most important part of SEO revolves around understanding what keyword you need to implement within that content in order to maintain relevancy. Search engines, Google in particular, work mostly on relevancy. This is because search engines want to make sure people find what they are searching for on the first try.

You can find relevant keywords, as well as your personal rankings on that keyword, through Google Analytics or other website management and analytics tools.

Write the Content Around the Keyword, Not the Other Way Around

Once you have found a keyword that you want to be ranked with, the next step is to create content around that keyword. Perhaps the worst thing you can do is simply fit the keyword into already created content. The keyword should flow organically throughout the page or post. Google can recognize when a keyword is used on purpose, and when that happens; your page will not rank as high as it possibly could. What you should do instead is create a page or post that talks about the keyword in a natural and intended way.

Your audience can tell the different between an intended keyword and a forced keyword. Here is an example of the proper use of the keyword “Laguna Beach retail”, as well as an example of an improper way to use it – see if you can recognize the difference:

Ex: Beach Style is a Laguna Beach retail store that focuses on surf and beach clothing and accessories.
Ex: When looking for Laguna Beach retail, look no further than Beach Style.

In the first example, “Laguna Beach retail” is used organically to describe the store Beach Style. It flows nicely within the sentence and is not forced. The second example is more forced. If someone were to use a search engine for “Laguna Beach retail”, this post would probably land on the fifth or sixth page because the use of “Laguna Beach retail” is obvious. It does not fit naturally within the sentence, and it looks like someone placed the keyword there just for rankings.

Add Relevant Links to Your Website and Outside Sources

Another great way to SEO your website in order to better rank on search engines is to add internal and external links to your content. Linking to other sites is a great way to show Google that your content is genuine and relevant. Also, linking to similar content on your own website keeps people on your website longer.

How NADA GLOBAL Can Help SEO your content

With the hot bed of businesses in Orange County, large and small, global and local, it is important to reach as many potential customers as you can. Products very rarely sell themselves. When there are multiple options – or new ideas – on the market for the similar products it is important to always highlight uniqueness. The unique terms used to describe your business are a great place to start when developing keywords.

NADA GLOBAL is an Orange County search engine optimization company that provides streamlined and up-to-date services. We pay attention to the ever-changing algorithms of each major search engine. Our team begins by understanding your target audience, the keywords and search terms that fit best, along with determining your short-term and long-term goals. Based on this criteria, we run search engine optimization Webmaster tool tests and website optimizer tools to ensure we present you with the best SEO strategy to meet your goals.

Our SEO team will implement this in many areas including:

  • Keyword & Phrase Creation
  • Meta Tag Integration
  • Page Titles
  • Content Based on Keywords and Phrases
  • Footer Navigation
  • Registration on Search Engines
  • SEO Implementation by Page
  • Social Media
  • And More…

We offer cost-effective search engine optimization monthly plans to fit your budget and bring you to the top, reaching more leads and gaining more customers. Contact our team to get started today: 949-485-6575.