Tanya Anticevic

SEO / SM / Copywriter

Tanya Anticevic is our word play wiz! She’s our tenacious creative copywriter and idea shaper. Thriving on competition, she helps clients bust out their brands with copy that pops, taglines that sparkle and fresh, quality content, written with authority and relevance.

She has been perfectly primed (for positions of any kind really) by her previous career paths as: an elementary school teacher, real estate agent, grad student, actress, voice-over artist, drama coach, personal assistant to a celebrity sociopath, and retail sales & marketing. She’s so pleased that her degree in English Language Arts has finally been put to good use!

As a human (and not just a mad writing & marketing machine), she likes to be of service in her community volunteering for SAG-AFTRA “Book Pals”, the Hollywood soup kitchen as well as her fellowship of 10 years.

Her catchphrase is: Making a global difference, one word at a time…And yes, she came up with that.

Tanya’s Loves / Family, living in California, performing, storytelling, language and the arts and freedom.