27 April

Orange County Logo Design – Branding Your Logo

Is there a difference between creating a logo and branding?

Orange County Logo Design

NADA GLOBAL provides in-depth services for both. Branding can be far more expansive and generally attempts to give a bigger overview of the feel of the company or product as a whole. It can include the logo, font design, color palette, website, etc. But it gives consumers a stronger idea of the company voice, company taglines, company culture, product line specifics and the overall aura. The right branding can give you a major edge in your industry. A logo is more of an identifier. Its primary purpose is not to tell the story of your company. Its goal is to emblazon the image of your company or product into public recognition. A logo is a big part of the branding process.

Let’s consider the logo for Coca-Cola. Without showing you a picture of the logo, you can already envision it. This is because the company has been around forever, but also because their marketing campaigns are built around their familiar red and white cursive logo. Their universal logo comes out of their universal branding. Now, Coca-Cola doesn’t need to continually market and sell consumers on why they should purchase or drink Coke. All they need to do is remind consumers that Coke is still their favorite drink.

You Need More Than Just A Logo

A big mistake that small businesses and start-ups make is thinking that developing a logo is all that is needed to effectively market their business. The problem is that a logo, even if it’s dynamic, rarely is capable of telling consumers the larger story of your business or product. It alone doesn’t draw deeper interest. People see the logo and really are only “called to action” if they are able to recognize and relate to the branded product or company with which it is associated.

A great example of this is Apple. When someone sees the Apple logo, they immediately think of the brand and the company as a whole. Then they have a good feeling or a bad feeling. If they have a good feeling, chances are they will be repeat customers. Marketing your business is all about building your reputation. Logos catch the eye and branding captures the heart.

NADA GLOBAL and Orange County Logo Design

As previously stated, NADA GLOBAL is an Orange County logo design and branding business. Along with our many other services, we provides the best logo design and branding to our clients. We have a team of very intelligent and creative people that bring many different perspectives, working in harmony to build the best brand for your company. Out of that, our amazingly talented graphic designers and writers design your logo and tell your story.

In Orange County, and specifically in Laguna Beach, there are a lot of established small businesses that have been around for a long time. There are also many start-ups and “mom & pop” shops. If you own a business in Orange County it is important to know what type of advertising strategies are available to you. It is important to know that having a logo is key, but not enough. In this area with many competitive businesses, understand that a strong logo sustains recognition, and branding is the vehicle to get you there.

Contact us today to learn about our many services, and how we can get you started on your logo design.

08 April

NADA GLOBAL Laguna Beach – New Beginnings

NADA Global Laguna BeachIt’s cliché but NADA GLOBAL Laguna Beach is Starting Anew in Spring

Every year spring is born and everyone starts talking about new beginnings, rebirths, renewals, fresh starts, etc. All the ad wizards out there have a field day this time of year using these cliché’s in their marketing campaigns. You can almost start to see it coming year to year. It’s not anything new, but it works.

In With the New

Some of the recent changes at NADA GLOBAL Laguna Beach are the new additions to the NADA team. NADA has started to shift as business continues to grow, which requires changes and adjustments in staffing and the future positioning of the brand. Enter myself, Melanie de Arakal, and Stefanie Williams-Goldberg as Creative Writer/Idea Strategist, SEO/Social Media Manager, and Strategic Marketing Director, respectively.

At NADA we are, and always have been, a full-service advertising firm. The addition of our new team members strengthens what has already existed, and also provides a larger reach and differentiation of skill, experience, and perspective.

New Ideas for an Expanding Business

This expansion has allowed us at NADA GLOBAL to fully develop and dive deeper into new areas such as business development, social media, and market expansion. We are offering services that are crucial to the development and growth of any company. We are taking the skills we have mastered, and using them to develop the skills we are still learning about in order to provide out clients with the best services for their needs. Because of these changes, we have already seen a significant growth in business and expanded our regional reach in the first quarter. Continuing this upward trend will make for a great 2015.

We pride ourselves in developing one-on-one connections with our clients. We become a part of their team as they become a part of ours. For all of our clients we think of ourselves as their “in-house” agency. So whether you need to change your branding campaign or want creative and result-driven assistance helping in all aspects of starting your new business, we want to help empower all of your “new beginnings”. Contact us today!

19 March

March Madness and SEO Madness – Why You Should Bet on SEO

It’s the middle of March.

To most people that means that the Easter celebration, the spring season, and a welcomed change in weather are upon us. To others, simply hearing the word March triggers one thought – the NCAA college basketball tournament.

This sports tournament is one of the most famous and followed sporting events in the world. According to The Fiscal Times, nearly 40 million Americans will fill out “March Madness” brackets this year and a total of $9 billion dollars worth of bets will be placed. Technically there isn’t a tourist “off-season” in Las Vegas, although, it certainly does slow down from October through April. However, when mid-March comes along…it’s packed. People flock from all over to sit in Sportsbooks and watch the tournament. I’ve never done it, but I think it’d be a blast…at least once in my life.

SEO MadnessThe reason why the tournament is dubbed “March Madness” is simple. Each team in the tournament is ranked based on their win-loss totals and the strength of their schedule. To the left is a sample bracket from the tournament some year in the past. Many sports websites, like Fox, CBS, ESPN, etc. have their own version with advertisements on them, but this one is generic.

What makes March Madness “mad” is that this tournament is comprised of single elimination games. This means that upsets are common. On any given night, the 12 seed can beat the 4 seed, or the 7 seed can beat the 2 seed. This year the Kentucky Wildcats are ranked #1 with a perfect 34-0 record. Many people will bet that Kentucky will win the whole tournament and more will bet that they at least will make it to the Final Four. In the end, for each team, it’s all about where they land in the rankings. Sure everyone must win to stay alive, but where they are ranked, and whom they are ranked around can make or break their chances to play far into the tournament, or better, to win it all.

SEO Madness

SEO madness is also built around rankings. Most importantly it’s a strategy, and your success with it depends on how well you set yourself up to win. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially it is when search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. compile information from websites so that when you search for something online, the information compiled can produce the best results – focusing on what it was you were specifically searching.

If you own/run a website, search results are extremely important to you. When your pages have higher rankings, it helps more people find you. The key to higher rankings is making sure that your website has the right components that search engines need in order to recognize your site. This can include:

  • Words
  • Titles
  • Links
  • Word in Links
  • Reputation


According to the website, “Search Engine Land”, search engines account for every word of the web. So if you sell “mini red, white and blue basketballs”, for instance, search engines will narrow the results to pages that are only about those words.


Secondly, search engines also account for every website’s page title. We often don’t see a page’s title because it is buried in the code, but search engines see them. Like a book title, page titles often summarize the page allowing the search engine to recognize it faster.


Third, links between websites matter. When one web page links to another, it’s usually a recommendation. A website that has a lot of trustworthy links pointing to it looks really good to search engines. In addition, the specific words that are used in links matter. If your webpage says, “NCAA tournament bracket” and the word “bracket” is linked to the NCAA.com, search engines will determine that NCAA.com is related to the word “bracket”. This way, when someone searches for “bracket”, that site will rank well.


Finally, search engines care about reputation. Sites with consistently fresh, trustworthy and engaging content with quality links are considered winning sites that rise up the search engine rankings. Winning at SEO means making sure that your website has content that carries this basic strategy.

When simplified, SEO at its base is not a very hard concept. However, it can be vital to how fast a company/website grows. Just like the 68 teams that will compete in the single elimination NCAA tournament this year have all worked, positioned, strategized and performed to get where they are in the rankings, the same is true for SEO madness.

NADA GLOBAL provides a full service SEO package that will help your site rise in the search engine rankings. Get noticed and win. We’ll provide the assist.

23 February

The Sport of Responsive Web Design

I’ll admit – I occasionally listen to sports talk radio. It’s not the most intriguing form of entertainment but it can be entertaining nonetheless. This past week I was listening to sports talk while I was driving home and on this particular broadcast they were not talking about sports.

The two hosts were discussing their feelings about new technology and how, because of their difference in age, it made an impact on how they view and use it. One of the hosts was of the millennial generation and the other host said that he was born in 1980. However, even with as small as a 10-year generation gap between him and his colleague, he felt more connected to older technology and somewhat overwhelmed with the fast paced changes the world of new technology can bring. In contrast, the younger “millennial” host spoke of how he was very familiar with the most up-to-date communication and information technologies and chomps at the bit for the latest and greatest upgrades.

I thought this was an interesting exchange because these two hosts, again who were only 10 years apart, seemed to have very different feelings about the progress of technology. I am reminded of this exchange as I consider how responsive web design is making an impact on society and why it’s important in this day and age.

For those unfamiliar with the term responsive web design, let me paint a picture. Someone needs a website (for a business or otherwise), they contact a web designer to build them a site. Once that site is completed and launched anyone with web access can visit the site. In days of old, this site would only optimally be seen on a desktop or laptop computer. Today, that’s not the case. It is becoming more common for people to access information, entertainment, schedules, projects, finances, etc. on more than just a computer. Sites are accessed through smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops and even through video game consoles, Blu-ray players or “smart” televisions. The challenge is that all of the many types of devices prevalent today contain many different types of processors, memory capacities, and screen sizes.

The website that was built, most likely on a desktop, is also best experienced by the user on a desktop or laptop. However, the use of mobile devices to surf the web is increasing at a break-neck speed. But still much of the web isn’t optimized for use on a mobile device. The reason is that each type of mobile device has a different display size which affects how a website is laid out on that particular screen. Responsive web design is an approach aimed at crafting web sites so that they are viewable and interactive using all different types of devices. Responsive designed websites respond to their environment. They possess a more fluid design so that the content on the website automatically adjusts to fit and maintain interactivity and a quality experience while using any size screen.

Some developers still unfamiliar with this technology might be wondering how this works. While I am no expert developer, there’s a couple of interesting and forward thinking development practices that I’d like to point out. Many designers and developers are using an open source library called Bootstrap. According to its website, “Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. It’s made for developers of all skill levels and makes front-end web development faster and easier.”

Bootstrap technology is built on what is called a responsive grid system. This design offers so many different options for how a webpage is laid out and reacts. The idea is that the website sets its content into grids on the page. These grids can then be formatted in any number of ways and can react to each other so that the page responds to all different formats and screen sizes. This grid system design allows the webpage to: have any number of columns, scale to any width, suit the content, enable fast and easy design, and plug in well with existing HTML and CSS.

Why does all of this matter to you or me? Well, I am big fan of the NBA. While following my favorite team, I don’t just use a computer to read articles, watch videos, get the latest trade news, or even watch an actual broadcast of a game. I have found myself using my laptop, my tablet and my smartphone. When I first started accessing the multiple sports sites that I use to follow my team, I noticed that the layout of the sites varied greatly when I would use my phone or tablet to access them. This was extremely annoying to me, not only because of the inconsistent design between the two versions of the site, but also because some of the content wasn’t capable of being displayed on my mobile device. Before responsive web design, websites would have two designs; the “full” site accessed through a computer and a mobile site that seemed like the “lite” version. Today, this isn’t the case as one site can now be built for both desktop and mobile viewing. Thankfully now I can stay current with my team’s information using any of my devices because those sites have all been upgraded with responsive web design.

Now let’s get a little more practical. As I touched on above, more and more people are using mobile devices for such things as banking and bill pay, shopping and money transfers, news and entertainment. If you are the one putting out the content on those sites, or advertising on those sites, the last thing you want is the consumer to not engage with your content or advertisement because the site does not work on their mobile device. Frankly put, sites without responsive web design run a larger risk of losing their audience than of building one. Like the older sports talk radio host above, it’s okay to cherish older technology as long as it’s understood that technology and the way we use it only moves forward. Our goal as advertisers in this technological age is to make a connection with the audience and consumer. But we need to be where the audience is, and mobile accessibility is where they are.

Responsive Design Infographic

19 February

Why Growing Businesses Need Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing trends happening in the past ten years, and if you do not keep up, the Internet will leave you behind.

The most important thing companies need to know about social media is that it is constantly evolving, and much like fashion, certain trends go out of style. It is a beast that has not yet been tamed, but growing companies can train themselves to better understand the marketing monster that is social media.

Ever since social media tools like Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006), and Instagram (2010) gained unpredictable popularity, businesses have been trying to tap into the potential these sites have for marketing, consumer relations, advertising, and brand development.

Why Should Growing Businesses Use Social Media?

Social media has the capability to reach a wide variety of audiences, to create a means of two-way communication between businesses and consumers, and it can be used for free publicity and advertising. This tool can benefit businesses in more ways than just changing public opinion, and increasing brand awareness – it has proven to increase profitability.

Profit and Research

In a recent report done by research firm Demand Metric, it was found that almost two-thirds of businesses are using social media analytics. In this same study, three-fourths of these businesses said that their decision-making is influenced by research done through social media. This can include hashtag research (or keyword research similar to that of SEO), consumer feedback, and trending topics. The best part of this research – it is cheap, and sometimes free. Primary research so often comes with extra expenses, and to have the tools to directly address a company’s target audience for little to no cost is valuable.

Two-Way Communication

More than just a means of decreasing expenses, social media marketing can connect businesses, both large and small, directly to their consumer. It is a powerful means of communication, that when used properly, can influence public opinion, and increase intelligence on consumer wants and needs.

Tools within these social media sites like comment sections, retweets, favorites, and hashtags give consumers the chance to tell businesses what they think. Whether it is negative feedback or positive feedback, it is nonetheless feedback. Companies can use this valuable information to change their business practices or create new products.

Creating a Brand Identity

Social media sites are also a great way for companies to showcase their brand identity. While these sites are categorized as means of social collaboration, they can also be used as a creative medium. Businesses can use more creative social media sites like Instagram, Youtube, Vine, and Pinterest to build and maintain a brand identity that resonates with their customers. It gives companies an innovative outlet to show customers who they are, what they represent, and why they do what they do.

Social Media for Growing BusinessesMany large corporations have used social media to create a brand identity; even America’s beloved Oreo has gone to Twitter and Instagram to show their customers that they are so much more than a cookie. During the 2013 Super Bowl when the Superdome in New Orleans had a power outage in half the stadium, Oreo took to Twitter to turn a frustrating situation into a lighthearted advertisement.

This simple advertisement was not only used as free marketing, it was used to show that Oreo has a personality, and consumers found this tweet to be relatable and fun. Any company, whether it is a new business, a growing business, or a large business, can use this kind of tactic to reach out to their target market and establish their brand identity.

Social media is the best tool a business can use to promote themselves, their work, and their clients. When used correctly, it can boost your company’s awareness to your target market, and it can build strong relationships between the business and its customers. The fact of the matter is that social media is for everyone, and all companies big and small need to implement social media into their business practices in order to grow.

31 December

Why WordPress is the Best CMS

Content management systems (CMS) help power the internet by providing a platform for blogs, news, and shopping. Possibly the most powerful and widely used CMS today is WordPress, and we are happy to use it for our clients at NADA GLOBAL. WordPress has been around for decades and is providing a large portion of the internet world with a platform that is easy and intuitive.

The reasons for using WordPress range from basic to advanced. The benefits, likewise, are wide and varied and we, as well as many others, see WordPress not just as a good CMS, but as the best CMS.


With Responsive Design & Development WordPress is able to recognize if the user is accessing from a mobile device and adjusts the view accordingly. You don’t need to create a second website just for mobile access. WordPress is mobile ready and mobile friendly.


We are masters at creating custom designs to fit your needs and your audience and applying them to the WordPress platform. It’s so malleable and easy for NADA GLOBAL to create intense, intricate designs that work flawlessly with the WordPress CMS platform. This is another reason why WordPress is the best CMS out there.


In addition to being an intuitive platform for our developers & designers, it’s extremely easy to use so enables an easy turnover to the client. After we get your website ready and designed the way you want, we can turn it over to you and you’ll be able to update your information pages, add to your blogs, and create new pages and add media as needed.


Many CMS providers create your domain name as an extension of theirs, but WordPress is able to provide your own unique domain name. This helps you truly customize your web pages.


WordPress code is streamlined to enable easy indexing for Google and other search engines. With our monthly SEO services this becomes a great combination to get your business found!


Because of its huge user community, you get an extremely active forum in addition to the great support that WordPress provides and of course we are always here for you.


Security is of the utmost importance and with the continual updates to the software keeping WordPress secure and safe is easy to do if you have an agency who can keep on top of it on a monthly and yearly basis.


WordPress has more plug-in available than any other CMS system and we have been developing our own custom plugins for years.


With a simple structure in place for blogging for your website, it makes the blogging the best out of all CMS platforms. WordPress was one of the first, and is still the best CMS for blogging.

At NADA GLOBAL, we use WordPress to customize websites based on you, the client’s, needs and desires. We’ll help you develop a webpage with blogs, shopping carts, donation systems and so much more. If you have a unique request, we want to hear it!

Contact NADA GLOBAL today and let us help you achieve your website and marketing goals!


18 December

Get Responsive For The New Year


Between 30 and 50 percent of website traffic comes from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and this number continues to grow as mobile Internet usage overtakes desktop. As 67 percent of users say they are more likely to make a purchase if a website is mobile friendly, it is no longer a viable option to simply design one website for desktop users and another for mobile. Instead, you need to embrace responsive web design.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach to layout and coding that enables a website to adapt to the screen size of a user’s device. This helps with everything from reading and navigation to panning and scrolling. Plus, your site stays exactly the same, and it is always the entire website, no matter the device.

Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

There are several reasons why responsive web design is important for any business and has advantages over a separate mobile site:

Higher Google Rankings

Google favors anything that improves user experience and has named responsive web design as an industry best practice. In addition, responsive designs have a single URL and the same HTML, which makes it easier for Google to crawl, index, and organize pages and for users to share, interact with, and link to content. All of these factors lead better SEO and higher rankings in search results.

Optimal User Experience for Every Screen Size

As there are no longer just a few standard screen sizes and resolutions, it is almost impossible for web designers to create a layout for every possible user. Responsive web design automatically adjusts the look and feel of a website to fit perfectly to any device. No more frustrated users returning to your site on a different device, struggling find previous information, content, products, or services.

Provided that you do not have any images or code slowing your site down, a website with responsive will be fast loading, and users will not need to zoom in and out tor read content or navigate. The design will even acknowledge touch-screen capability to improve interactivity. Finally, responsive design is the safest bet — your website should continue to work effectively on any future devices without the need for extensive changes.

Conversion Rates

The combination of better SEO and an optimized user experience leads to lower bounce rates and therefore more conversions.

Cost Effective and Time Efficient

Although the site itself may take slightly longer to design and develop than one just for desktop or just for mobile, building a responsive website is much less expensive and time consuming than creating two separate sites. As you will have just one SEO campaign, one place to add content, and one site to audit, updates will also be less problematic over the long term.

Responsive web design is no passing fad. A responsive design shows every one of your visitors that you value them, whatever device they use to view your site, and that you are willing to put in the effort to provide them with the best experience possible. Responsive design should be the only option you consider if you are looking to enhance your SEO and increase your conversions.

Here at NADA we specialize in responsive web design, feel free to contact for more information!

18 November

Do You Need an SEO Expert?


In 2012, ecommerce in the U.S. generated $231 billion in retail sales and is expected to have an annualized growth rate of 13% to hit $370 billion by the year 2017. This will account for 10% of all retail sales in U.S. With this kind of growth, you can’t afford to lose the opportunity to tap into this rapidly growing market. Creating your website and listing your products on it is the first step but you need to do much more to beat your competitors. This is only possible through aggressive search engine optimization of your site.

The question of search engine optimization how to benefit from it is one that lingers on many people’s minds. Here are some of the benefits which you will reap by optimizing your site.

  • The first one is obvious; there is increased traffic to your online business. This is achieved by improving your site rank to be ranked high by search engines. Chances are always high that customers who search a specific keyword will only open the top five pages listed by the search engine they use. You need your site to be among those top sites.
  • Now that you have got the top page rank and high traffic, how to you convert this traffic to sales? This brings you to the second benefit of SEO; high quality content. The information that your customers will find on your site will prompt them to make a purchase or leave for another site. It must be catchy, enticing and straight to the point. Search engines love high quality original content and in return reward you with a higher rank.
  • Another major benefit of good SEO is making your site more usable and customer friendly. You may have opened a page which took too long to open and at the end got bored closed it and open another page from another site. You are not alone, everybody hates heavy pages and so are search engines. If your site is this heavy you need to get SEO experts to make the pages lighter and even make them mobile friendly for increased sales. More people are increasingly accessing the internet on their smartphones and tablets. This is evident from the revenues from mobile gadgets Fortune 500 companies are making.

The question of benefits has been answered now the next question is for quality search engine optimization how to get any expert from all services advertised? First of all any service that is promising you fly-by-night SEO is a con! That’s right, your page won’t jump from rank 50 to be first page in just one day. It will take time and rise gradually but consisted to the top ranks. Avoid those services at all cost.

Look at the track record of the SEO firm, if they are ready to show you the sites they have optimized and how well they are ranking then that means they will do equally the same of better job for you. The expertise and experience they have will speak for itself and they won’t be fooling you with overnight success which doesn’t happen.

Google has been presenting a major challenge to SEO through their policies in SERPs. Under their policy they will place their pages on top of the rank unfairly while pushing down pages from other sites effectively cutting your traffic. SEO is dynamic and not static; you need to keep on doing it to maintain your rank or rise higher or else you lose your rank.

Here are solutions to your SEO needs.

31 August

Mobile Technology

Trends can either be fads, short-lived crazes, or developments with lasting impacts. Take cellphones and their super-charged relatives smartphones. From telecommunications to the internet and work habits, smartphones have taken over in a few short years and changed many aspects of daily life. At this point it’s safe to say that they’re no fad, and the transition toward mobile technology and accessibility is a permanent shift.

Pew Research Internet Project statistics reveal the ubiquity of mobile technology and the potential of its power.

For American adults as of January 2014:

  • 90% have a cellphone
  • 58% have a smartphone
  • 32% own an e-reader
  • 42% own a tablet device

May 2013 Pew Research findings showed that 63% of adult cellphone owners used their phones to go online. It also revealed the percent of adult cellphone owners engaging in other phone activities:

  • 52% – email
  • 50% – app downloads
  • 49% – location-based information and recommendations
  • 48% – music
  • 21% – video call or chat
  • 8% – “check-in” and share location

Interestingly, over a third of cellphone internet users said they mainly access the web via their phones versus another device, like a desktop computer.

2014 mobile stats from Search Engine Journal:

  • Americans spent an average 2 hours a day on a mobile device.
  • One in four web searches is done on a mobile device.
  • Over half of mobile users won’t recommend a company with a poor mobile site.

Impact of Mobile

In changing how – and how often – people access the internet, smartphones have also changed business and marketing.

Apps & Social Media

Not just for games, apps enable smartphone uses to access favorite desktop sites more easily as the content is optimized for mobile use. Companies with mobile apps include the NFL, The New York Times, and social media giant Facebook.

Responsive Web Design

A site that’s easily readable on any device is important as mobile searches continue to increase. Even though smartphones didn’t even exist that long ago, people are already demanding more of them in terms of capability and quality. They basically expect the same information, accessibility, and download speed from smartphones as from desktops. Responsive web design can meet these demands. Check out NADA’s blog about responsive web design for more information. Remember that stat about users not recommending companies with poor mobile sites? It’s one reason responsive web design will be a lasting trend and business must-have.


Social media isn’t just for keeping in touch with friends and family. Companies picked up on it to reach and engage with target customers. Social media marketing has grown with targeted and sponsored ads that pop up on both desktop and app platforms.

Mobile design is also good for SEO. SEO should be in everyone’s marketing strategy in part because Google’s algorithm takes into account sites optimized for mobile platforms. Good mobile sites get lower bounce rates, which is good for Google organic rankings.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Orange County Custom Website and Mobile Design


Orange County custom website design: Dayna Decker Mobile Site

Today’s reality is that internet presence is important even for small firms, so a great custom website is a smart investment. But, Smartphones and other mobile devices have shifted the computing paradigm: they’re here to stay – meaning mobile web design is, too.

As the power of mobile grows, investing in mobile design now will set you ahead of the curve as competitors may still be trying to catch on. NADA GLOBAL has been providing Orange County custom website design with WordPress. WordPress is an amazing website development tool. It’s an easy to use platform that’s incredibly versatile, and NADA’s team has leveraged that versatility to create custom Orange County websites that are responsive. These custom sites look great no matter the device – desktop, tablet, or smartphone, so there is no loss in quality or content. Potential clients and customers are out there, and they’re searching for answers on their smartphones. Mobile technology is not a trend that will fade, so now is the time to meet the new demand.

Check our custom WordPress websites for mobile and desktops or contact NADA GLOBAL to ask how we can help you develop a mobile web strategy.

29 July

Custom WordPress Websites

Having an online presence is nearly mandatory for any business. Don’t think so? Search engines like Google have become today’s version of the Yellow Pages, which – by the way – also has a website. People search online for everything from medical information to where to go for their next meal. Being online means being accessible: customers can find your business when they need to plus get the information they need.

Considering the importance of having a website and providing information, then just as important is a website’s appearance. It’s a company’s virtual storefront and might be the first thing people see of a business. It should make an impression while also reflecting your company.

The Power of WordPress

Building a website has gotten easier. Technology and software have advanced so that coding expertise isn’t necessary. You don’t need to be a professional developer; however, the more knowledge one has about web design and development the more powerful a site becomes. Templates are a great start, but customization will separate you from competitors, impress visitors, and give you the ability to meet customer’s needs.

One tool that’s empowered people is WordPress. Since its introduction in 2003, it’s become the go-to platform for self-hosted blogging and now for building custom websites. Part of what makes WordPress a great tool is that it’s Open Source; hundreds of people worldwide contribute to the WordPress software to make it, well, better – more flexible, user-friendly, and dynamic with pre-built themes, widgets, and plug-ins. (Read more here or here.)

Not yet convinced? WordPress powers the blogs and sites of some companies, organizations, musicians, and entertainers you may have heard of:

  • The New York Times Company
  • Time, Inc.
  • AWOLNATION (band)
  • LinkedIn blog
  • Georgia State University

That’s just to name a few.

But let’s be honest with ourselves: who has time to build their own website? WordPress is definitely user-friendly, but it still takes time to create a website to be proud of. Plus, you have a business to run, so outsourcing the job can often be the best move.

The Answer to Your Orange County Custom Web Development Needs

NADA GLOBAL has been helping small and large companies build their brands and business in Orange County and beyond through website design and development, and we’ve been able to do that using WordPress. We work with professional designers who understand the elements of website design and developers who have in-depth knowledge of both coding and WordPress. We take WordPress’s customizable platform to a new level making it work for each client’s needs – all with the right aesthetic that reflects who you are a company. We’ve built customized shopping carts and donation pages, integrated blogs and newsletters, and developed sites that are modern and responsive. If you have a unique request, we work to find a solution.

WordPress is continually progressing and updating with new design and technical features, but don’t let that worry you. Blogs and sites running on its platform are incredibly user friendly. NADA GLOBAL shows clients how to be administrators of their own sites, which means understanding how to edit content, add new webpages, upload photos, and post new blog articles.

A custom WordPress website can empower your business and take to the next level. Contact NADA GLOBAL today to discuss your Orange County web design and development needs and how our team can help.


Orange County custom web design and development –Sean Hunter Brown Photography