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What agency doesn’t dream about getting a bank on their roster! Especially one that, at one point, was on the same block, helped us start our business, grow our business and kept all our money, it was a match made in heaven. We quickly went to work to discover what they were all about from inside and out. Their goal, bring a new fun face to their ad campaigns and get small business owners to move over to them. We created mood boards, themes and fun campaigns that brought them into today and would hold up through tomorrow. Continuing from that effort, we developed a social media campaign and voice to bring it all together. From a full education and social media analysis, to creating a content calendar that assisted on developing the right content. Now, slated to redesign their website and continue with a direct mail campaign, BankCherokee and NADA are off to a running start that will develop into a long-lasting relationship…and you can take that to the bank!


Independently operated BankCherokee is one of the oldest family-owned banks in the metro area. Serving Twin Cities’ communities since 1908, BankCherokee is a leader in local community banking. BankCherokee provides commercial and personal banking services to businesses, non-profits and individuals.

BankCherokee has had an unwavering commitment to serving its customers and communities for over a century. Customers say they come back because of the warm, individual attention they receive at BankCherokee, where employees don’t just deliver products and services – they create trusted partnerships, build relationships and always look for new ways to support their customers’ businesses.

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