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The best thing about this business is when a client loves your work and passes on your name. It’s the highest form of flattery and makes you feel like it’s all worth it, and with Dragonfly, this was another case of, “hey, are you the guys that did Pacific Quest’s stuff?” The answer was yes and a meeting was had.

Dragonfly was in desperate need of a new brand identity and it was time to bring things together under one roof. You can’t promote your message without a cohesive brand, one that is recognizable, up-to-date and consistent. They wanted to look professional but still keep their rustic roots and down-to-earth feel. The challenge was taken and a new, creative, fluid brand was designed to bring them the look and feel they didn’t know they wanted. This brand was brought across their business systems, a brand new responsive website, full 28 page brochure and all their documents. Now off and running with their new look, Dragonfly is bringing their message to more kids than ever and will continue to provide an incredible program that helps students change their lives. So fortunate and blessed to be a part of their team!


Dragonfly Transitions is a nine to twelve month program in Klamath Falls, Oregon. They work with their students to help them transition into a healthy young adult life with independence and autonomy. Dragonfly offers the opportunity for real world experience while providing a stable, supportive environment where students can flourish.

Dragonfly Transitions is committed to providing a respectful and caring environment for students to achieve balance and consistency in the areas of education, employment, fitness, nutrition, recreation, healthy relationships, emotional wellbeing, and other independent living skills.


Dragonfly Transitions supplied us with gorgeous images that really set the tone for their website and all the work that they do. This was key in the transformation of their site.

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