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When PDC came to us, they had a pretty large task for us to accomplish. They needed us to take the three areas of their company and showcase them on one website with a cohesive look and feel. They wanted their clients to visit their site, quickly understand what they did and then be filtered to the right department with the click of a button. After multiple creative meetings and brainstorming as a team, we came up with the idea of designing a landing/splash page to quickly get people to the information they needed for this website redesign. For this site, we decided to use a clean white, modern approach and highlight it with the brand color for each department. Each color is carried through the site so that the viewer knows exactly where they are at all times.

“Working for a family business as a member of the family is hard, trying to understand that family dynamic, being patient and listening to each person’s opinions and ideas, and designing a website that finds a commonality in those ideas is even harder.   That’s Nada Global…. Their effort in creating a comprehensive, clean and cohesive website that still captures the personality of the individuals that make up the business was truly inspiring. We couldn’t be more pleased and excited to have our vision realized. Thank you Nada Global and especially Daniel and Guady for all your hard work.” – Eric Bryan



PDC Interiors is a design and contracting firm, in its third generation of family ownership, serving clients throughout the Southern California area. Their business model is based on establishing direct relationships with property owners and end users who desire a single source to provide design, project management, and delivery of services.

From three separate divisions, they specialize in the renovation and remodeling of existing healthcare and corporate facilities, as well as residential properties. They are both an accredited design house and licensed contractor, which enables them to provide a cost effective, seamless flow of function, from concept to completion.

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